Have we no ethics?

Did you know yesterday scientists released to the media that they will be able to make us more accurate pain medications in the future.

Excellent news for folk suffering from chronic unrelieved pain.

You see what they did, was to fill up little syringes with liquid made of capsicum, chili and such acidic things. Then;

They stuck it into the little mouse, in his little pads on his feet, under his little legs, in odd spots across his body.

Then they watched his face….carefully.

And blow me down if the little fellow didn’t start pulling little faces of pain and agony.

Eureka! Now they are going to continue such ‘tests’ on the mice because they want to see if the little mice friends notice the agony on the poor fellows face and respond in any way.

And they are going to try it on more species and ‘shabang’ before we know it our pain will be better managed!


In 2010 it is still quite alright for us to induce intense (if you think I’m exaggerating please feel free to juice up some capsicum and inject it into your feet) pain, in living creatures, in order to relieve our own suffering.

Where is Derryn Hinch when you need him?

Shame shame shame; on us all.


Perhaps we can stop them?

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