I am a writer, a questioner, a philosopher.

I have studied emotional suffering all my life. I have overcome the damage of child abuse. I have worked helping others overcome suffering.

I have witnessed thousands of wounded adults, eighty percent of which need no longer suffer yet stay on that road.

I worked as a Psychiatric nurse for twenty-four years. In hospitals, prisons, with kids and the community. I am arguing with my Uni about the completion of my masters in Theology and I have a grad dip in psych.

And for me, life matters.

The search for self that blends into all matters.

The way we act towards others matters.

The way we raise our kids matters.

The way we treat the less empowered matters.

And these ‘matters’ are often not being handled well. Not by institutions. Not by individuals or families. Yet it’s not that complicated. Though it does take guts.

 I no longer practice professionally. Institutions, be they government, private or NGO have squeezed out professional ethics and duty of care and replaced it with the economical model.

 But I still care. And I have learnt a lot about what works. And about what doesn’t.

 And I am watching both psychiatry and psychology going down paths of short term fix that ends in long term catastrophe.

Yes catastrophe.

And the systems represent the people. Both need a lot more bloody honesty I reckon. And anyone who knows me will tell you, if I’m anything, I’m honest.

So now I’ve left my career, I wish to be a writer. Today I sent off my first manuscript to the first publisher on my list.

It is about my life and consequential thoughts up to now. And I’m raising my son.

I hope you enjoy what you read. My thoughts are mine alone and subject to growth, but perhaps I might give you a few questions at least. Comments welcome.


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