Attention Roman Catholic Leaders; Step Up!

Okay, so it’s not that I particularly want to pick on the Roman Catholics.

But I find the more I write the more clarity I have in why I am writing at all and that is to appeal to my fellow human being to step up in their lives and help us create the community we want.

As such it was impossible to ignore yet another astounding comment from a Roman Catholic leader, this time an Archbishop, as reported Tuesday the 25th of May in The Australian Newspaper.

Archbishop of Adelaide Phillip Watson states firstly, regarding the churches history of child sexual abuse;

“There are very few other incidents that would do us as much damage as this…”

So my blood pressure rises as I see that yet again we see a leader of this church referring, not to the damage they have done to the children, but rather the damage the poor possums have done to their institution! I remind you that many a senior Vatican Priest (including the Pope) see the criticism of the sexual abuse as “persecuting the church”.

Oh but my dear reader, it gets worse!

Archbishop Phillip Watson states regarding those priests that raped and abused children that they didn’t have;

“…that sense of how to properly care for children.”

And again;

“…people have not lived up to their responsibilities and we haven’t had that sense of how to properly care for children.”

Crikey and OMG!!! And I reckon even God will be stunned by this one!

Apparently folks, the poor old Roman Catholic Priests didn’t know how to “properly care for children”. Ohhhh.

That explains it all.

That’s why they raped them.

That’s why they bashed them.

That’s why they locked them in closets.

That’s why they terrified them with stories of their souls fiery damnation.


I mean how much of this BS are newspaper going to print? I have worked with sexual offenders in prisons and not heard such crap. So indulge me dear reader as I cast forth a challenge.

For approximately two thousand years the Roman Catholic leaders have been demanding confession and dishing out penance.

Well, I’m taking it upon myself to write this confession for the Catholic priests. My rationale is simple, and I think justified.

In the past two weeks alone we have learnt that Catholic priests didn’t know that raping and beating kids was not properly caring for those same children, and we also learnt they didn’t know what they doing was a sin and if they’d had women there they wouldn’t have needed the children.

Clearly, from the Pope down, the Roman Catholic Church need their crimes, both legal and moral, clearly stated too them.

As I think this organization could actually turn it all around and be of true service to the global community, I will help them.

And the challenge is for a Roman Catholic Priest to have the courage, the ethics, and the blooming soul to make this confession.


  To the peoples of the world we, the Roman Catholic Church acknowledge our sins against children:

 We confess we are guilty of sexually molesting, raping, physically abusing and emotionally traumatising children placed in our trust over the centuries, whether directly or indirectly by our silence on this matter.

 For we acknowledge that evil can only occur when good men do nothing, and we unreservedly acknowledge here in 2010 that abuse of children has been done by us and is wrong;

 Wrong in the legal sense since the 1900 Crimes Act in Australia (for those priests who didn’t know).

 Wrong in the general communities moral/ethical sense that knows to harm the vulnerable placed in our trust is just plain wrong.

 Wrong in the Jesus, our leader sense, for we acknowledge his words rather than our dogma, of the preciousness of children, of acting in love.

 We confess that we have not been true to the words of Jesus; the essentials of his words, no matter the dogma; to love all, to help all, to turn the other cheek, to not judge and to not build up riches.

 We confess this and swear that will we cease to do harm to children from this day on forever more;

  for we acknowledge our sins outweigh our good works,

  and that we must change or be no more.


The Roman Catholic Church has many things to put right.

 Let it begin with children.

 And remember before we look out we must look within. It’s not just ‘them’ that need to step up.

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