In Suprised Praise of Blogs

When I started this blog it was in response to reading everywhere that new writers must have blogs. I want to be a read writer!

 As I love articles almost as much as I love books, and, as I have passionate feelings on certain issues, I could see the benefit of practising my writing on this newish medium.

 So I looked to other blogs.

 I figured I’d read ones that created in me the reactions I wanted to create in others when they read my words.

 That is, I hope they make me think, they challenge or rather add to my view, they add to my knowledge base, they make me laugh, and they move my soul. Not all in one piece of course. But goodness that’s heaven when it happens!

 But I admit to having been wary of this new phenomenon blogging. Twittering seems silly. I love the internet for the library it puts in my home but otherwise its taking over by advertising drives me up the wall. And, the rebel in me is always wary of fads.

 Plus I was concerned that blogging would allow for the promotion of views not amenable to reason. Just as the internet has provided a chain of connection for child rapists all over the world.

 Well to be blunt, I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!

 Oh I’m sure there are commercial blogs. And I’m sure there are sites that show the worst of what we beings can be rather than the best.

 But I’ve seen neither. That’s not what I look for.

 What I have found instead is a range of sites that have met my criteria and what I have read over the past few months has impressed me deeply.

 I read of the journey of a single mum with three kids, the daughter with autism. What a cool woman. I find myself writing words to a total stranger hoping despite my Aussie expressions she will hear my cheers in the background.

 I found a bloke who gives darn good advice on dealing with the trails and tribulations of writing.

 I read a blog by a Saudi woman, educated, articulate and courageous in her opinions. One of her last articles created one hundred and thirty responses of such a variety I now have a large reading list to present to my local library.

 And though there was the random ‘unamenable to reason’ reaction accompanied by the usual personal attack this was the minority by far.   

 So now, I think, that blogs are beautiful things. Unfortunately it hasn’t done a lot of good for my writing!

I have learnt so much in the short time I’ve had this blog that I’ve been unable to write due to the thousands of thoughts and consequential questions arising from folks writing.

 More I admit to becoming somewhat discouraged reading others writing, admiring it, and then re-reading my own.

 Insecurities invade even my dreams and certainly cause the waste paper basket to over flow. Not to mention Microsoft Word becoming confused when I never want to save a new document but instead delete hundreds of words (six times today).

 Nevertheless I love blogs. It’s like having instant access to a university class of enthused students. Awesome! I only hope that one day I can write as well as some.

Hope alls well in your world


5 thoughts on “In Suprised Praise of Blogs

  1. I hear and LOVE your cheers—brings meaning to my sometimes venting form of therapy…:) cheers back!

  2. What a candid post, Leesa, and so touching. I think most bloggers wonder ( I do! ) whether their writing is up to snuff, worth reading, and worth all the deletes.

    Whenever I read your posts, I have food for thought and seldom read other posts beyond yours because you offer such rich thought I enjoy chewing on it for a good, long time before going on. Your writing reflects your hearty, gritty, good-woman soul. It’s like taking in a bowl of steel cut oatmeal… fortifying to the bone. To me, that’s everything.

    I, personally, thank you for continuing sort out what you do/ do not want from your blog… rather than concluding that you’re not in the right mix, or up to snuff, or any of that self talk that stops us from spelling out your inner miracles as they come along.

    Thanks for sharing this insight. Now see? I think of you, as a writer, to be The Great Humanizer.

    Don’t doubt how deeply valued and loved you are. The number of posts you write does not equal your worth in the blogging community, and I’m quite sure many, many other writers/ readers would agree.

    I love you to pieces, and you can bank on that!


    • Meredith what an amazing comment. Thank-you so much! Even though I wrote this post some time ago I still struggle with my writing…or perhaps more to the point I struggle with my perfectionist tendencies that forever scream ‘not good enough’. So thank you my friend and know you are loved right back :).

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