Your Thoughts?

“Your feeling, my feeling, or anyone else’s feeling that something is so adds nothing to the resolution of whether it is so.”

I read this statement in some very welcome feedback and it has been playing on my mind so much I must write                  

With unreserved respect to the author of this line I absolutely cannot agree with it for both my reason and my psyche/deep emotion/feeling self and every year experience of my conscious life has proved to me otherwise.

 Essentially I think beyond a doubt we (we here refers to the human race) have proved that there exists an intense complicated relationship between thought, emotion and external consequences.

 I have to say this is almost physically painful to write as I am hyperaware that just about every word I use here has possible explosive consequences given the baggage of interpretation we give to mere letters clustered in groups. This leads to misinterpretations which I swear has become a spectre behind my shoulder the more I write. Anyhow….

 We now know in quantum physics that thought, expectation, has an impact on external phenomena.

 And we know in mental health/psychological research that the stronger the emotion behind a thought the stronger the impact on the external world.

 In psychiatry I learnt early on before I knew any of this that a person’s expectations and emotional states had enormous impact on their external reality, mainly undesirable ones. Though studies done in intentional group prayer and the successes are thought provoking.

 As such it seems to me that a feeling, anyone’s feeling does indeed add to the resolution of whether it is so.

 And indeed when we put a lot of us together and we combine thought with emotion the impact is extreme.

  I have asked for his thought but the topic is of deep interest to me and I wonder if it is to others. Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Your Thoughts?

  1. It’s called emotion because it’s the only thing that moves us – moves us to action. Therefore it is an integral part of thought and of our efforts to understand and live in the world. Feeling always guides reason. It has no particular sway on the Problem of Induction one way or the other.

  2. I do hope, though, that you are not into all that ‘The Secret’ / ‘Cosmic Ordering’ stuff – it is absolutely deluded and manipulative, and it uses quantum physics very loosely in justifying its claims.

  3. Thank-you for mentioning the Secret G.

    I actually felt quite despairing when ‘the secret’ hit the air.

    For me it was a classic symptom (no racial offence meant here; just observation) of American commercialism and super-hype taking over a deep and essential truth imperative to understanding the human psyche.

    My biggest frustration was simply that when I approached this now peoples minds were full of ‘the secret’ thereby often causing them to reject the whole concept. Arrrggggg!

    The concept was one I have been studying; experimenting with for sometime (as in about 22 years)…I call it simply ‘the impact of expectations’ (conscious or buried) on folks lives. And it is one of the few ‘truths’ I have confirmed i.e. expectation effects external reality and the more focus the stronger the impact.

  4. I can feel, think, and wish a pencil to be a coffee mug. But it is still a pencil. I understand that my feelings, thoughts, and wishes for the pencil impact its usefulness and purpose, but nothing I do (short of destroying it) will alter that reality that it is a pencil. I can feel sad about a new day, but can not change the Sunrise.

    Now within the realm of our influence, we do have an impact and our impact is usually a product of our feelings. But there is still an inherent limit. I can love but remain unloved. My love doesn’t alter the other person’s feelings…only how I respond to those feelings…

    I have to agree with the quote. Mostly because I’m assuming they mean “that something is so…” in a physical sense. But also, because I believe we have limited impact on others who (for all we know) are emanating a field of expectations greater than our own. The mojo of Expectation Theory is strongest when we subtract the notion of others having an equivalent ability. If I’m expecting a good thing, and my wife is expecting a bad thing…Which thing will become “So”? And which person’s definition of the thing/occurence would be viewed as valid under Expectation theory?

    I must add in this caveat to my opinion.
    I’ve been married for over 18 years now.
    So, I’m WRONG quite often.


  5. Thank-you so much for your response John. Loved it!

    Whilst I agree with your first point and as nuts as this sounds I still think there’s more to learn about the reality of both the pencil and the mind perceiving it to be able to sit in complete certainty that a pencil is a pencil is a pencil.

    Isn’t it possible that our “realm of influence” and “inherent limits” come under the umbrella of ‘more to be known’. There seems to be individual experiences across culture that challenges these two concepts and even if they are rare still they point to potentials.

    Okay if something is so…it is what it is yet still…am I being stubborn?…is it really how we perceive it?

    Spot on about the reaction of expectation between two or more. Here my experience says; yes, someone else’s perceptions thus expectations can seriously impact on ours. That seems to me the greatest challenge of life as in what happens when we are in community. Indeed it is one of the areas I’m still coming to grips with , i.e., the difference between what we are on our own compared to how we change when with others.

    Two people in a boat is much more tricky to all outcomes than one person on their own.

    The notion of equivalent ability is misleading. What I’m about to say requires mucho-mundo work but bear with me…

    That field of expectation you speak of is like any other ‘muscle’ of mind or body. Its power is dependant on the users knowledge, interaction, and indeed intention with it. In my mind it is if you like an electricity source (oh dear don’t attach ‘secret’ meanings to what I say here please :)…
    Useless if you don’t understand it properly and dangerous if misused (I’m not sure but I think the focus on $$$, at least here in Aussie demeaned the ‘secret’ stuff).

    So who ‘wins’ between you and your wife…whoever utilizes it the most effectively. Indeed could we even go so far as to say if hubby and wife have different expectations…well, both will materialize if enough energy of ‘focus’ (I think I like that word better than ‘expectation’) is applied.

    Regarding your caveat…love it…but wrong? Never! Just expanding thoughts I reckon, otherwise that makes me wrong every yesterday!

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