Why Be Kind?

I was taught to treat others as I wanted to be treated and I did but it hasn’t bloody worked.”

 I laughed. My friend is forty-five-ish, done some hard miles and was peeved.

 “It has so bloody worked you wacka.” I replied.

 She glared at me.

 “Look they said treat people the way you want to be treated full stop. They didn’t say treat people the way you want to be treated and every body will be lovely to you.”

 I smiled at her.

 “Don’t you feel good about the person you have been, the way you have acted?”

 She agreed. Not to mention that these more unpleasant folks she was talking about are in the past now. There’s a reason for that.

 I teach my son to treat others the way he wishes to be treated and add; ‘not the way they treat you’!

 I want my son to be able to lay his head on his pillow, every night of his life and, though he be in a ;‘success’, ‘failure’, ‘joyful’, ‘grief’ stricken, ‘completly f—ked-up’, or ‘awesome’;  stage of his life he knows he has been the best he can be.

 He has acted with kindness, with class if you like, despite any provocation to do otherwise.

And, if he does not feel this way, then he has let himself down and his restlessness is a call to better action.  Not to feel that righteous holier than thou attitude, but simply because this is his goal. Why?

 Easy! Kindness helps…cruelty harms. This is a truth across all life forms that we know of including the very earth itself. And if you read any of my other writings you will find ‘truth’ rarely used.

 I’ve made it very clear to my son that in the short-term his actions don’t mean he will receive the same back from others.

 The other way my friend could have put her complaint was ‘its unfair’.

 And that’s true.

Ultimately when we lie our head down at night though, we and we alone will know if we have given our world something positive today or no. 

 And we will find more and more, our life will reflect the answer to that question.

cheers…Leesa  🙂

2 thoughts on “Why Be Kind?

  1. Thanks Jon. Checked out your blog…good stuff! My next in this area will look at why kindness as a behaviour is absolutely rational using the theory of Maslow and the evidence of practice.

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