This is More Important

My ego would prefer you read my last post that I only completed an hour ago. But this one is more important.

Please click on the link below and watch the video and if you have teens encourage them to watch it too. Bribe them if you must!

This is more important than my indulgent post. When Hitler stirred hatred in the German people where was the resistance?

I am not Christian, nor Muslim, American nor Saudi. I am an Aussie mum terrified by the mounting sword to sword confrontation I see globally and it is wrong because you are all my brothers and sisters, whatever the heck our differences.

Bad happens when good folk don’t speak up.

Watch it….Please


2 thoughts on “This is More Important

    • I think it is related don’t you? For me it’s about standing up on both the individual level and the global level. My life lesson seems to be ‘well are you going to walk your talk or not’?…with a ‘no, it wont be easy’ in small print :).

      Nor is it always easy to stand up for the brother/sisterhood of human kind.; not with the hostility one can provoke. But we need to on this issue in your post. Fear that leads to anger that leads to hatred must be met with its oposite. Thats why I think yours is more important :).

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