My Work

Dear readers,

I was asked,given my recent committment to ‘my way’ ,exactly what I meant re returning to work. Hence below.



Leesa M Healy

Mental Health Expert

Solutions Centred Facilitator/Mediator

Twenty-five years Practice

Also a writer

If you want to know who I am and how I think, please explore my blog.

It is honest.

It covers in different ways my thoughts, my qualifications, and my personal life. All that is necessary, beyond a face to face meeting (and evidence of qualifications) for you to decide if I could be of help.

If you are struggling to cope with aspects of your life, however that is playing out for you, I can be of service. But I cannot do the work for you and hence I cannot save you. You must do the work…I only point the way

Individual appointment Process as follows within the flexibility of individuals needs:

Session One; relationship test between you and me to assure there will be no obvious hindrances to an effective therapeutic relationship. Setting of expectancies between us.

Session Two, Three and Four; Assessment, Goal Development,

Session Five; Recourse and tool kit. Discussion around Implementation, 

Session Six; Evaluation, Adjustments, Solution.



A high ethical and professional standard of practice

Complete honesty

Absolute respect for the person you are and the choices you make

An eclectic approach ensuring the potential for integration of mind/body/soul

 Please read blog first particularly professional-qualifications-work-other-studies


For more information or to enquire re: pricing format

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