I am free…of me…finally.

 With joy I shake away the fetter of this being called me

 Laughter jerks out of me…surprised to be there…but true…so very true.

 To be free of me…I never knew…how light it would be

 I can free the world…with this lightening of being

 I thought I had to be free of her…of him…of them

 But all along it was me.

 I am I…I am we

 Not me….finally…I’m free.

2 thoughts on “IT’S NOT ABOUT ME!

  1. yeah Jon, tis a happy one.

    A light bulb moment after a very trying time that I have tried to express in words. Its a feeling…of being liberated from ones own ‘story’…of being freed from the boundries that cause the upsets on a day to day basis…of releasing ‘me’ to we. As such my story simply blends in to all others…to be loved, learnt from, incorporated and used. As such I am ‘we’ not ‘me’ and the liberation is tangible.

    I’m not sure this makes a lot of sense outside my own head 🙂

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