Some Days just Suck…Or…Tomorrows Another Day!

 Firstly I awoke at 0545. I hate waking at 0545. Actually I hate waking at ‘0’ anything when I don’t have too :). But apparently one of the things that ‘this end’ of hormones means is that my body shall wake up early no matter what (alternatively son at fourteen is at the other end and would sleep all day if I let him). Grrr…


 Oh, and a warning to all women over menopause age. Keep out of my way! The nice thing would have been to prepare your younger sisters for the encroaching horrors but no…keep it to yourself why don’t cha.

Just like that little fact of the baby feeling like he was trying to exit through the rear. Left that one out too didn’t cha. I oughta….

So after waking at that ridiculous hour I had to kill exactly one hundred and five minutes without a cup of tea (followed by the standard two coffees) as I needed to have fasting bloods taken. As these minutes ticked by I realised I am a spoilt rotten westerner who feels like death if denied her completely unnecessary luxuries. (Pakistan is on my mind right now). Grrrr…

 Before leaving for Dracula I checked my bank balance only to find for the third time in a row the expected money was not there. And no it wasn’t my fault, and yes they had clearly made a mistake but no we can’t help. It’ll take three days to come through the bank. Grrrrr…

 Driving the car back to town the car smells hot. I pull over to check and find a burst hose off the radiator. The second in two months. Grrrrrr…

 I begin to walk the rest of the way to get a bit of hose and it starts raining. Grrrrrrr…

 I tried to keep positive, I really did!. I tried to ignore the hot flushes, the raging hormones, the no money, the snoring son, the lack of coffee, the steaming car, the pouring sky…

 But after finally arriving home three hours later I discovered Nibbles the ferret had diarrhoea Grrrrrrrrr…

 Some days just suck!

 But then…there are those folks, those brothers and sisters of us all, in Pakistan.  I can’t winge too much hey. So I blog instead and take relief in the obvious but true; Tomorrows another day.


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