Thank-you for Calling God

Thank-you for calling God.

Your call is important to us.

Currently all Gods operators are busy with other calls

 Please select from the following options:

Press [1]      To reject any religion bar yours   

Press [2]     To burn all religious texts bar your own

Press [3]     To bring pestilence down upon people of your choice   

Press [4]     To call everybody else an idiot

Press [5]     To reserve your own personal seat next to god   

Press [6]     To ensure God likes only who you like (but you best of all)


 I am sure you understand we receive millions of calls.

Due to the overwhelming demand for the above services, and in the spirit of fairness, we request your application is supported by rationale indicating your privileged status.

As such, please show your exact and special position on the following map of our mutual universe:

If you have been unable to fulfill this request please return when bigger.

If you are confused, please continue to learn.

6 thoughts on “Thank-you for Calling God

  1. Hahaha, loving the call center hun, how befitting! Honestly now, what was that stupidity lately with the book burning… book burning reminds me of the Reich… instant dislike.

    • you are so welcome and thanks so much for stopping by :). Yes I must read Sagan…I’ve only seen his talks but he keeps popping up. I wonder if your reading list is as long as mine…arrrgggg

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