Life Lessons: Being Happy

I bought a ticket to the twenty million dollar lotto draw on tonight. So, if the universe is aligned just so, tomorrow I may be a multimillionaire.

 My owed financials are mounting badly. Threatening to drown me. That may be no different tomorrow.

 But there is one thing for sure that I know about tomorrow.

Whatever happens, I will be happy. For I have learnt that happiness is a choice; negative thoughts only habit.


 To allow ones happiness simply in being alive to be stampeded on by the raging bulls of external circumstances is as my grandpa would say “a fools game”.

Recently I forgot this lesson. And have felt weighed down and a little battered by the constant challenges I must “overcome”.

 See that word ‘overcome’. That was the wrong word. I was telling myself I had to struggle. I discovered with some insight meditation I was also telling myself “I was a fighter, always had been, I would cope with whatever was dished out”.

 All of this talk was about fighting, struggling, conquering, coping. Crikey! I was almost telling the universe to ‘bring it on’. Now if that law of attraction has any validity….Crikey!

 Happiness is a choice.

And the choice is how you think.

I’m not talking of ‘positive thinking’. Factual thinking!

    •  For whether I am rich or poor tomorrow I can still simply be happy.
    • My health’s not bad for a hormonal forty-seven year old woman 🙂
    • My sons a great kid despite the expected humps of adolescence
    • We live in Australia where freedom, a fair go, and a good sense of humour is a given
    • My son and I can still have three meals a day
    • And planet earth is there for me to put my feel on each morning.

  I will definitely feel financially free tomorrow should I win the bucks. Money does not bring happiness but a lack of it can sure cause some tremors in life.


Either way though, I will be happy. Because I chose it so.


9 thoughts on “Life Lessons: Being Happy

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, I have recently been fighting that same habit. It is a hard one to kick that’s for sure. I think that we get what we put in and I don’t just mean what you put into the world but more importantly what you put into your mind. I believe that is a big part of it. K

    Keep being happy!

  2. Interesting. Someone once told me that “it’s all in what you make it.” I guess that’s along the same lines. But I guess sometimes I need reminded that optimism isn’t something that can only be expressed when times are good.

    Kudos to you. I think for the rest of the day, I’ll be happy. 🙂

      • Once someone starts self observing you’d be amazed how often just by habit we enter the misery state. I am humbled contantly by my inability to practice what I preach 🙂

  3. Cheers mate, and although I agree, I personally have this…feeling…that I haven’t fought enough for the things I want and think I deserve, so I’m gonna be shouting BRING IT ON! to the universe a little bit more still. But, that’s a conscious choice I’ve made some time ago, and I guess that makes a world of a difference. As for the happiness bit, I move more along the words of Miss Scarlet: tomorrow is another day. i’ll worry about it tomorrow. Sometimes living the now without the constant worry, and delegating the worry to tomorrow brings a tomorrow that somehow has no place for that worry anymore. Maybe I’m just being foolish and reckless. Oh well. 😀

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