The most rigorous academic examination of the question of the existence of a consciousness more powerful than our own, inter-related with our existence; i.e. god; is turned into a puff of smoke when one experiences an event that comes under the umbrella of mysticism.

 I have experienced three of these events. Each left me silent, astoundingly even silent in my own mind…a place where silence is unheard of…just ask my ever sleep-deprived body!

 The only thing I could do to do then, after ensuring there is no reasonable explanation for the event, was to examine all previous data against this new knowledge.

 So for example.

 Is it possible that Jesus rose from the dead? Ignore for a moment all the dogma we’ve had post Jesus (even Paul) and let’s agree that it is unlikely someone could raise himself from the dead and go around chatting to folks.

 But if an experience occurs whereby I learn,

with no doubt whatsoever,

that our ‘self’ exists after the body stops functioning…

 then my mind wonders back to all those things I’ve said not bloody likely to.

One of them being Jesus coming back from the dead.

 So then…what if he did?

What does that mean?

 You see I have to now perceive all reports of after death experiences from Jesus to out-of-body experiences with an awareness that what I once held to be unlikely had now moved to possible.

 What does that mean? The study begins again.

 The one thing I know for sure after thirty-five years study…who knows what I’ll learn/experience tomorrow!!


6 thoughts on “brains/experience/god?

  1. A mighty big “if” though 🙂

    What if I learn by experience from someone who travels back to our time via some kind of time machine that it is possible to time-travel?

    I would then still probably be skeptical of any of the biblical events, but occasionally wonder if perhaps Jesus was a time-traveler who rather than ascending to heaven, was simply being transported back to his time…

    Well, I think I catch your meaning though…

  2. yeah but…no ones claimed he did this but if they did certainly one would have to be open to a re-examination if your suggested experienced occured 🙂 I love it! Oh also even if then by research I could academically assume Jesus did ressurect it does not speak to the reasons for this nor to other biblical events (imo).

  3. I’ve had some personal… experiences, for lack of better phrasing, that have convinced me of the existence of something beyond what we know so far. I think things like that are solely up to personal belief, you either accept them or not, it’s not a debatable issue for me anymore. 🙂 I am guessing you are referring to near-death experiences you have witnessed or am I mistaken?

    • Ta for your thoughts. No I havent had an OOB experience…though I wish :). But they were experiences where I was confonted by the notion that ‘personal belief’ became irrelevant in the face of what was before my eyes. The experiences were so powerful…so beyond rationalising away that I was required to then find rationale paradigms to incorporate them…thus more study.

  4. ‘I had a mystical experience’ and ‘My reason explains it this way’ is a recurring theme of my journey at the moment (as you’ve seen on my blog). How I integrate the two is something I’m still working out.

    “a consciousness more powerful than our own, inter-related with our existence” – I like that way of talking about god.

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