the funerals tomorrow

His funeral is tomorrow

It seems so terribly wrong

Why do we never expect to have to say goodbye

And not even to the one we love

But to a box encompassing


For it won’t be him

Of this I’m sure

Though I know

Nothing else.

3 thoughts on “the funerals tomorrow

  1. Wow. So touching. He is really gifted for a friend like you Leesa… 🙂
    I know I’m the last person to expect this from, but, Don’t be Sad. Moving on is a natural part of life. Let him live on in each of your memories, forever. 🙂

    Meant in a sincere, and honest way.

  2. Half of me wants to start wth “It”, and the other half says it’s not the time. So I won’t start with “It”, but instead I’ll only say, I don’t know what your belief is for the afterlife, but if you’re a nihilist, you’re wrong. Love is more powerful than we realise. It stretches beyond time and space. I won’t start with it. Big hugs, take care of yourself now.

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