The Walton’s

I guess you’ll find me foolish…often called naive.

Nevertheless I love the Walton’s.

I love the effort they make to be kind…to give …too love.

It’s just how I am…how I wish life was.

Just tv I know…

My intellect rationalizes why it is not so.

And yet…

Am I a fool for wanting it??

If we dream it… doesn’t it mean it can be?

So I wonder.

Not intellectual I know

Yet it is what I feel. As much as I may pretend it’s not…

 It’s what I want to be.

4 thoughts on “The Walton’s

  1. NO, it’s not foolish. I dream of my mother making me apple pie – she said when I was 12, she’d rather I have a cigarette than dessert…

  2. Earl Hamner, the writer behind The Waltons, was a friend of my grandparents. They all grew up in the same area of Virginia in which The Waltons lived. It was a different time and different era. Though I don’t practice what my Grandmother preached, I remember her saying (in the early 1980s) the biggest trouble coming our way was our belief that we were it. We are all that is here. She surmised that when people believed Humans were the end all be all of the world because belief in God was to illogical, limiting, and lacked “fun”; then our families would break up thus giving our children an isolated, depressed view of the world. When our parents decide they are more important than their families, the children learn the same lesson. When we see a family (TV or not) in which Family is more important than self, we wind up a bit jealous and confused. I’m rambling. Sorry. Good post. I also enjoy The Waltons. Thanks,

    • How cool John! And no, your’e not rambling. We are inherently selfish beings and it is within our family we first learn that we are part of something bigger. I think religion expanded our awareness of being a member of an even bigger family. I’m not religous and havent raised my son that way but I have raised him to understand that he is one part of a whole…one cell in an enormous organism called humanity…and if any part of that organism is suffering so the whole suffers. For me the Waltons always symbolizes what I wanted so much as a child but more how I see we could be today….whether we share blood or not

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