teenagers need you!

I listen daily to the talk of teenagers and I am saddened by their negativity. But then I listen to the talk of adults around me and I understand why our teens are feeling this way.

We have an increasing youth suicide rate. We have ‘just turned’ teenagers smoking pot before the neural pathways are set. We have teens self-harming. We have teens thinking “adults are f—ed and have f—ed the world.

Many folk think our teenagers ignore us completely. They are wrong. Our teenagers watch us rather than listen to us.

They see our inability to control our own tempers. They see our misery about our righteous sorrows. They see us being stoned, or drunk. They see us being too busy making money. They see us blaming the government, the state of the economy, the institutions. They watch the news and see the hatred, the climate destruction, the problems. They see us focus on what’s wrong rather than working to make it right.

Folks the three major emotional responses of depression are helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness. And many many teens are being handed the first two on a platter.

So I write this post simply to ask what sort of influence are you on the teens in your life?

Can you help? Can you take all that life has given you and take it on.

Can you show that emotional states are more often a matter of attitude rather than necessity? Can you demonstrate that whilst you may be only one brick in the wall that brick is going to be a strong one? Can you role model that whilst life may not be easy it is worth the struggle?

We need our teenagers to feel passionate; not apathetic.

We need our teenagers to feel inspired; not bored.

We need our teenagers to feel powerful; not helpless.

We need our teenagers to feel connected; not judged.

We need our teenagers to feel secure; not floundering.

We need our teenagers to feel excited about being alive, about the journey they are on to discover their unique potentials; to discover just how far they can grow, what they can contribute, who they can love, who will love them.

We need our teenagers to be excited about the journey the human race is on. The daily discoveries in science that are mind-blowing for our futures. Excited about the possibilities of responding to the challenges of the future as we learn more and more.

And the only way our kids are going to feel this way is if we can role model it ourselves. I know it can be tough. And as adults we often feel isolated and weighed down by our individual dramas but…

Your mission…if you choose to accept it…is to step up and join me in creating what we want rather than drowning in what we hate. This is what our teens need.

And if you feel unable, leave a comment and we’ll see if we can’t use this forum to offer ideas and support. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I have faced some challenges myself but if there is any legacy I wish to leave my son it’s that life is what we make it, no matter the challenges.


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