I Love You

I love you

Yes you…I love you. Whoever you are.

Whatever you are doing. I love you

I may not agree with you. Doesn’t matter.

I love you anyway.

You are you…so special

So unique…so you.

Christian. Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist agnostic atheist, zorastin, whatever

You, like me were born

And live

And hope

And strive

And want

Prison, butch, feminist, man, gay, straight, transgender, capitalist, communist, North or South, career orientated, homeless, alone, together, able, disabled…

You. I love!

To be here… to be alive is us

and therefore I love you.

For you and I are one

You are worthy of love

And I love you

 Love Leesa

8 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Thank you, so much, for your kind words at MommyPants.

    I know what its like: we all have to act as if we are the best mothers, etc.

    And we can never say, “hey, I don’t like my kids being sick, or having special needs.” It is not accepted for amother to say, “not fair. I want kids that have no problems”

    But, for me, it’s true: I fought it, and now: I see I am the better for it.

    But, yes, the ER visits for asthma:::: those, I could do without.

    I hear you, honey.

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