preamble on posts to come

Recently I commented at that I subscribed to the idea of reincarnation.  I received this comment in response:

“I’m very curious to hear your ideas about reincarnation. Do you follow any particular religion’s beliefs about it? How did you come to believe in it?”

And I have to say that the answer to this question is so big that I’ve been struggling to write a response. What I have come to understand as ‘truths’ related to our existence both in this life right now and pre/post this life has been a long journey and a journey that continues.

More, my experience over the last months in blog land has shown me that many folk, be they believers, non-believers or whatever, want to argue their understandings as being ‘right’. I do not. Mainly because I don’t believe anyone is right or wrong. We are all simply in the place we are due to the experiences we’ve had, and due to that which contributes to our separate individuality.

Yet the sharing of our individual journeys is so essential. For me it is the most important thing we do and the reason behind why I have a blog and why I want to write on a larger platform about both my and many other paths.

Be it about our childhoods, our relationships, our spiritual beliefs, our intellectual pursuits; every single person’s stories make up the amazing tapestry of the human journey. To share those journeys is to enhance the experience of life. So…

For anyone else to make sense of why I currently believe the things I believe the path leading up to now must be explained. Imagine we saw Dorothy and her friends arriving at the Emerald City without knowing of their journey along the Yellow Brick Road. It would make no sense. The same goes for where I now stand on matters regarding life beyond the material reality.

As such I’ve decided to show my own yellow brick road. At least when it comes to these matters. I don’t know how many posts it will take…perhaps they will be endless as my journey is. I will call them Leesa’s Yellow Brick Rd part one, two etc, because I like the analogy :).

 To Lydia, the questioner, I hope you understand why I can’t answer straight forwardly…anyone who knows me personally knows I rarely do. Because nothing is straight forward…at least it never has been for me nor for the thousands of folk I have listened to over the years. One of the things I love about us human bugs is our amazing complexity.

So tomorrow I will start. I hope it will be a good read. As a writer I am a junior and often despair at my inability to write the way I can so easily talk even in front of hundreds. My writings will be honest as always (sometimes embarrassingly so) and when speaking of times past I will speak of the experience as it was felt then rather than writing about it from the perspective of now. I welcome all comments, ask for respectfulness to each other and hope you will share your journeys too. For me in matters of spirit I am, and hope always will be a learner and for me this particular learning is the greatest and the most exciting of all


9 thoughts on “preamble on posts to come

      • oh also, the first Western book I read on the topic was Shirley MacLaines ‘Out on a Limb’. Though a lot of folk ridiculed it at the time I still find it an excellant book as a launching pad to researching reincarnation. As you will see later I followed up and researched every single person she mentioned from the ancients to 20th century folk. It;s a journey well worth taking

  1. Leesa,
    In my book Again – which explores reincarnation, I say I could be wrong and I’m OK with that. I just hate being pre-judged.
    I don’t buy into set paradigms, I don’t believe in objective truth. I think that those seeking the ‘real’ are misguided. The journey is very worthwhile. However, I strongly believe we are limited by our physicality.
    I would like you to check out A Very Brief History of Reincarnation

    • Hi Romy…I read your work last week actually and will be purchasing your books once finances allow more than survival :).

      I hear what you are saying about physicality. I am often frustrated by the limits such creates. But equally I am convinced that we must be able to supersede these limitations whilst in the body …it is something very strongly a part of me search right now.

  2. Leesa, I fully support your contention that there are many paths, and each person’s journey informs their beliefs. This is why, even though I’m an active follower of Jesus and a pastor’s wife, I have friends who are Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, many believe in reincarnation.

    No one knows, and I don’t believe we are meant to know, as mortals, what lies beyond. The problem with too many folks (even some in my family) think it’s “Thy Way or the Highway,” you know? I have no patience with Christians who believe I’m somehow a member of their elite country club. Great, share your faith – just don’t push it on others.

    In the same way, I speak to fellow straight folks about acceptance of ALL gender identities, including many of the friends mentioned above. If we could stop bickering over “who’s right” and worry more about “who needs something today and how can I help?” we’d have a much nicer world.

    I don’t think I’m “on the winning side” because I believe in Jesus. I love your writing and look forward to your “ponderings,” Leesa! Peace, Amy

    • thanks for your comments. As you will later see Jesus is my fave of all spirtual teachers but it took me many years to overcome religous manipulation of his simple teachings and I admit to avoiding all and sundry groups to this day. I actually recall reading a post of your own where you point to the judgements of Christians and agreed completely with your comments. I even did a Masters in theology just to examine what were the ‘facts’ about his life and words under all the stuff made up by churches.

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