Why Julian Assange Matters

Hilary Clinton has pledged to enhance America’s civilian power overseas, drawing from experts not only in the State Department but across the federal government.

She’s reforming US democracy apparently. That was the headline anyway. When I read the headline this past week I expected to see a mention of an increase in honesty and integrity but nah; it’s about power.

This is the ‘left’? Am I wrong or doesn’t it simply say that she is reforming US democracy to expand their economic and political clout in as many countries as possible? Hoping this means they will stay a superpower. Oh and note all will come from their government. All have signed the pledge. And the spirit of the pledge is America above all else.

How does Julian Assange relate?

Twice I have written ever so briefly on Julian Assange. Then I read one of my favorite bloggers, G at http://thedailyg.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/assange-is-damaged-as-much-by-jaded-apathy-as-by-blind-fury/.  And I realised, after reading comments to his post that again, folk don’t get it how much whats going on matters. Frankly I wish people would take this matter more seriously. Whatever way you look at it, it does matter that American is trying to silence a person and group who are speaking truth. It matters that they can so profoundly manipulate big business into supporting their stance.

It’s too easy to be blasé, ignorant, cynical about this. But the US government have used their clout unethically,and are trying to use the justice system unethically. There is  talk of allies rather than just citizens being subject to US treason laws. The number of senior republicans talking of hunting/assassinating/murdering our Aussie citizen is appalling.  Julian Assange has not broken the law which is why they are trying to make up one but murders okay?

 I get that America is different, they still have the death penalty after all, but as they grab for more and more power we have to remind them of how we want that power used. And i think they need to be retold how we expect to be treated should we disagree with them.

It’s about to turn 2011. And its time.  

Our lives are affected by these twits. Internet censorship whilst alive and well in China etc is not want we westerners want is it? And Americans wouldn’t you prefer to be motivated by the words of your founding fathers rather than the words of fox news…I mean seriously? 

I thinks it time not to be cynical, ignorant or blasé. Indeed I think its one of those pivotal moments where us regular voters need to re-state how we expect these democratic governments to behave.

I don’t think America is particularly the ‘bad guy’ or the ‘good guy’. But I think it could be the good guy. Thanks in main to the internet it’s getting harder for them to hide. This is NOT a bad thing.  And me, I’m hoping that individuals…that majority of us…will speak up and remind our western democratic leaders that we expect their ethics to be increasing not decreasing.

So I’m sorry American folk it’s not okay to talk of assassinating Julian Assange. Assassinating is bad. Bad ya hear!

And in relation to wikileaks if you have no law to charge him with right now he is innocent get the hell away from him and stop all that behind the scenes nonsense you’re up too!

And well, how about you focus on your own folk for a while instead of focusing on how you can remain a super-power. Heal within and your outward behaviour is enhanced. Works from the individual level to the group level to the global level. I hear things are pretty bloody tough for more and more folk living in the States.

And the fact that I can donate money to the Ku Klux clan through my credit card but not wikileaks is just seriously sick! And no, don’t lie to us. And if someone releases information that is true about you well suck it up and try not to have anything to hide next time.

And to complete my dummy-spit…to my own Prime Minister. Jeez…what a let down.

Whats going on with Julian is just one example. But the outcome, our response or lack thereof ,will set the future…we must speak up.


3 thoughts on “Why Julian Assange Matters

  1. All the incumbents need to be sacked. The banks and money powers need to be rooted out, like the den of vipers they are and then true monetary and political reform can begin and healing and growth will take place.

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