Tomorrow You’re 15

Dear son

 Fifteen years ago you came to me

and my life forever changed.

Everyday with you

 though riddled with fears unimaginable

have been soaked in soul lifting joy.

I admit I grieve that the little fellows gone

He and I had so much fun

Infused with an unconditional love

Blissful to inhale

And for years I joyfully did.

But the lad standing before me

Fills my heart with awe

Despite the teenage fears unimaginable

The signs of the man you will become shine

And they are good.

I hope I lead us well through this coming year

And please know my dearest son

My aim…as ever…remains to create a world

That leads you to be a healthy, happy adult

bringing the same to those around you.

love all the way up to the stars and all the way back again and up and down and up and down  like a bloody yo-yo for infinity ten times more than you can ever say it :).

love mum xxoo

One thought on “Tomorrow You’re 15

  1. What a wonderful blog post. I am so glad i got to read it. I think you and I are kindred spirits experiencing many of the same wonders and sadnesses of life. I’ll read what you have to say often and thank you for your insight. Have a great new year.

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