Thinking of the dying & 2011

Today as I allowed my mind to wander in preparation for my last 2010 post I thought of a terminally ill client I had been working with.

Are you at peace with what’s going on for you?” I asked.

Dying you mean?” she responded.


Oh yes Leesa,” she replied with more animation than usual. “I have loved and been loved. I have always done the best I could.”

She relaxed onto her pillow and smiled softly.

I’m content.”

I want that.

I want my son to have that.

I want everyone to have that.

For 2011 I wish for us all that, whatever comes each day, we will do the best we can.

For you and I have two things in common. The worst we can do is pretty bloody bad. But the best we can do is pretty bloody awesome! Let’s do awesome hey???

And remember;

Kindness = we feel good

Cruelty = we feel shitty.

Elementary, my dear Watson 🙂

Cheers Leesa

7 thoughts on “Thinking of the dying & 2011

  1. Leesa, your work is inspiring, challenging, and can lead to so many insights that are of value to the rest of us. Thank you for sharing this, and thanks also to your client…

    I agree about kindness vs. cruelty. We ALL love when we hate others, because it’s hating ourselves, too… very often the thing that ticks me off about someone else is something I don’t like in my OWN soul. Know what I mean?

    Let’s make 2011 all about the love. Peace, Amy

    • Amy thank-you so much for your words re my writing.!

      And yes I do know what you mean. I have learnt there are two reasons a person irritates me. Either they are mirroring an aspect of myself I need to deal with or they are teaching me patience for my fellow munchkin. Either way its light shining :).

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