Don’t be Confused America

A map of America with strategically placed targets.

Target; an object, a person or a place that people aim at when attacking (Oxford).

A target smack bang on Gabrielle Giffords.

Now she lies with a bullet in her head…six others dead…a child of nine included.

Sarah Palin sent her condolences.

Though she placed the target.

The media suggests perhaps the shooter was mad, or bad, maybe sad.

President Obama says they’ll get to the bottom of this.

Americans are shocked.

But why? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?


I’ll save you money, I’ll save you time.

When you put a target on someone’s face

When you speak of destroying, of assassinating, of shooting… 

Well…excuse the lingo… but what the fuck do ya think is going to happen???

5 thoughts on “Don’t be Confused America

  1. “…. but it’s so fun, fun, fun to be a beauty queen, and I get to do all this neat stuff, and have my own reality show, and treat my infant like a promo doll… so many, many opportunities…AND i”M PRETTY, doncha know….”

    Palin and her machine are scary beyond all reason because the illusion of the beautiful woman with great hair is something much darker.. If we have an uprising within our country, I worry how well-organized it will be.

    Excellent post.


  2. The sad part is that the real problem is yet undiscussed: the problem of the mentally ill being unable to get treatment. America treats these issues as “family problems” as if one knows what to do with a schizophrenic because you are related to him. In response to this shooting they are cutting services to the poor and vulnerable.

    • thanks for commenting Alicia. I spent some time in the states and was somewhat horrified by the neglect of folk with mental illness. I’ll never forget my then eight year old asking our American friend why their were so many folk living on the street and she replied “Because that’s were they want to be.” Suffice to say I corrected this opinion later when we were alone.

      To be honest I don’t really get where America is going right now. It seems to be self-imploding. Be it folk with struggling with mental health issues, folk of different theological opinions, gay folk, folk with different political idealogy, folk struggling financially it seems there is little compassion for each other.

  3. The neglect of our fellow human beings is across the board. I’m not sure how we are supposed to be the best force for good in the world when we are so glaringly callous in our home domain. Sadly, the propaganda is woking well here.
    When I look at our history, I see a constant struggle. We were formed as a colony (that is where I believe we learned the art of colonization from) and the revolt that formed our nation was driven by wealthy people who felt that England wasn’t giving them their due. The framers of our nation wanted wealthy people to become wealthier. Against this, common people have always pushed back and demanded they be included in “we the people.” Unions did a lot of that pushing. Since Reagan broke the unions we have been on a downhill slide. We are fighting amongst ourselves to the advantage of the wealthy: the poor are bringing us down, the Muslims are taking over, the Jews are running everything…’s a big circus so no one notices that our leaders are arguing to raise taxes on the poor because we can’t afford all the “handouts” and lower taxes on the rich because it isn’t fair for such “hardworking people” to pay so much. Of course, who they are really benefiting is themselves. They have voted themselves salaries that puts them in the top 15% of US wage earners. Few live only on their wages, but also have other income so most are members of the upper 10-5% or higher of US wage earners. At least the founders were biased but reluctant leaders. What we have now is an oligarchy. As the oligarchy widens the income gap it creates havoc on the national psyche.

    • great thoughts Alicia. Frankly I don’t think anyone, at least outside America, considers your country to be “the best force in the world for good” anymore though that was not the case here in Aussie when I was growing up.

      And perhaps this is a good thing. For Americans are no different…no better…no more good than any other race on this planet. My interst in politics began when I was about 20 and the stark difference between what the States said and what they actually did was a painfulI transition to understand. Indeed I think the need to ‘appear’ this way has created a disconnect between words and actions when it comes to the USA that has led to many outsiders turning their face away in disappointment.

      But ultimately, whatever country we live in it is the people that make that country. It is lots and lots of individuals on a daily basis deciding whether to ignore the poor in their neighborhood, to ignore the hurt person sitting on the pavement, to allow thoughts of ‘them & us’ to divide.

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