Oh Please Rain…STOP

We had a glimpse of blue early this morning but the rains falling again so we’ll stay flooded in

More money lost, less ability to pay the bills

But how can I complain

I’m luckier than them.

Oh how we grieve as each death is announced

As we watch…knowing there’s still worse days to come

And the waters running

Through it all

impervious to race or opinion, color class or creed.

Those I know…will they be alright?

What about the oldies, the homeless…

Can there be enough people to help


Two more deaths officially announced

That makes twelve.

Oh crap

Please Rain…STOP

3 thoughts on “Oh Please Rain…STOP

    • thanks for asking. We are flooded in due to causeways but our house is safe. We have many friends at risk however..it is a scary time for thousands and thousands of folk.

  1. Because I have been caught up in my little drama and my corner of the globe, I did not pay attention when the floods in Australia appeared on the US news. Thank you for making it real for me and reminding me that we are all interconnected. I am keeping you all in my prayers.
    Finally, thank you for reading my post and offering your kind words and support.

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