I am without coherent words

Overcome with emotion





Let’s let them know they are precious

Let’s know we are precious

Let’s know life’s precious

Let’s live it that way


4 thoughts on “Japan

  1. Your compassionate response to the crisis in Japan speaks to the very heart of the matter. We are incapable of responding coherently to that which has no rational motivation at its source, and the scope of the disaster is beyond imagining, only because we ourselves are not living that experience. Our hearts still feel the anguish because we are all human and one with every other living being, and we are hopeful because we know that hope is what we need most when faced with incomprehensible sadness.

    Your urgings to live our lives in recognition of how precious all life is, constitutes the greatest confirmation of life’s value, which I believe illuminates the very core of our human nature, and the source of your compassion.

    We all grieve with you and with the people of Japan, while striving to maintain hope in the face of what may seem for the Japanese like unprecedented despair.

    John H.

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