I put on the news today and it’s still Osama. Or rather the media and politicians rejoicing that they shot him in the head.

 I don’t like rejoicing when someone dies, particularly when we (have to or not) kill him…or they kill themselves.

 This is not a political or ethical statement. I just feel sad.

Sad that we couldn’t work it out. Sad that the path our moccasins tread were so different we couldn’t communicate or that the damage was too deep to ever be undone.

 I can’t help but think we could be doing so much better than this.


3 thoughts on “Osama

  1. I think we need, always, to be mindful of who we’re directing our loathing toward–dead or alive.

    Hate is hate. I don’t exactly think this is the best way to mark a despot’s demise.


  2. It’s somewhere between saddening and disgusting to know that on TV sets all over the world, images of fist-pumping, flag-waving “patriotic Americans” are being shown singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” with big smiles on their faces.

    I was no bin Laden fan, but Jesus tells us to love ALL and to pray for our enemies. There is no room for murder, state-sanctioned, revenge-fueled, or otherwise in that paradigm. I’ll bet half those lunatics will be sitting in church this Sunday, shouting “Lord, Lord” and tossing money in the plate, feeling perfectly self-satisfied. Thank you, Leesa, for this post. Peace, Amy

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