Drugging Our Lives

10 year study of inpatient kids: 44% got antipsychotics. Is that a lot? Yes. It’s a lot.

And most of the time, not even for psychosis. 44% of the PTSD and ADHD kids got antipsychotics.

You can wrack your brain trying to figure this out or blame the usual suspects, but the answer is right there in the article:

Variables associated with antipsychotic use [included] male gender, age 12 years and under, being nonwhite, and a length of stay 13 days or longer.

You’ll observe that none of those words is “diagnosis” or “severity.”

The cause of these high levels of medications is so simple you’ll recoil from the truth of it, but pour yourself a drink and take it like a man: the kids showed up. That’s it. The kid is in front of you and you have to do something, now, that results in an acute change. Not better grades 4 years out, or less sadness over the teen years; change the sleep tonight, make the kid less hyper now, and when it “stops working” you can up the dose or change the med.

It doesn’t matter what the diagnosis is or what the symptoms are, really, whether he ate his dog or got a C on a test he’s going to be getting something at qd and hs because that’s what you get when you put psychiatry as the cornerstone of a Multidisciplinary Treatment Team.”

“When a kid is presented to a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist is pressured, obligated, to do something pharmacological. If a psychiatrist looked a single parent a joint away from a nap right in the eye and said, “nope, he’s acting out because of X, Y, Z, and medications aren’t going to fix this” that doctor will get his head handed to him by parent or by lawyer. Justice will be done, you negligent elitist.

And the simple reason why the kids showed up is that the parents and the schools and the cops and the courts were told that’s where you go when a kid punches another kid or becomes hispanic. That’s why outside the oakwood offices of the private docs the shingle says “Practice of Psychiatry” in Palatino Linotype, but get within fifty blocks of a black kid and the whole thing is labeled “Behavioral Health” in what I think is Erasermate.

Source : http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2011/06/are_antispychotics_overprescri.html

Yes it is entirely likely that eventually we will be able to medicate any bad feeling, any bad behaviour right out of your mind. Today we have a drug that can remove any traumatic memory from your mind if you see us straight away after its happened.

And we certainly can ensure well-behaved children so you won’t be so inconvenienced. Now all is settled so off to work with you. Ah money.

Oh and no Mrs. Green it doesn’t matter that you keep thumping your kid and screaming at them…medications will settle them down.

 My up coming posts will be specifically focused around these issues and will cover thoughts such as:

 *The medicating of emotions; avoiding pain to our detriment

 *When medications are and aren’t appropriate for emotional/behavioural issues

 *The reductionist view of the human being.

 *A paradigm of the human psyche

 * Parenting; the good the bad and the truly ugly

 I hope they will be interesting. I hope they will provoke some questioning. I hope you will share your thoughts. Please read my qualifications and about page if you wonder where I’m comming from on these matters.

 Cheers Leesa

6 thoughts on “Drugging Our Lives

  1. That’s unbelievable. I knew this happened to adults but it seems even more risky to over-medicate kids. They don’t always metabolize what goes into their bodies the same way that adults can.

    I’m looking forward to future posts in this series!

    • And the thing is Lydia kids have less rights than adults. The long term effects are absolutely unknown. We have never chemically treated so many of our children before. We have never had so many diagnosis for what the ‘system’ thinks is a mental health disorder. We are creating chemicals that can be more and more specific on the brain thus changing our moods and behaviours. This stuff needs to be talked about.

  2. Leesa, my nephew was a bit hyper and was put on ADD drugs from the age of five. His older brother, who showed disturbing aggressive tendencies, was not even given counseling, because, in my sister’s words, “I have enough on my hands with the younger one.”

    So older son gets busted in his teens for tagging, for huffing paint fumes, and all the while sis denies that he’s done anything but smoke a little pot. Coming from an addictive family, she had never warned either son about my mom’s alcoholism, etc., and so Matt was defenseless when friends offered him drugs. He’s now living back at home, going from loser job to loser job, still no self-esteem.

    Kicker is, Sis is a Certified Mental Health Practitioner, and she works with troubled kids in the school system. TI kid you not.

    The racism you mentioned is alive and well in all our cities. Also, if you legalized marijuana and had the THC dosage controlled by the government, I predict you could empty half our prisons. I’ve never, ever seen a guy beat his woman stoned, but plenty do it on (legal) alcohol… Oh, you’re opening a kettle of worms here, but it’s an excellent discussion and I’m glad I subscribe to you by email. Amy

    • Oh crap Amy…and an apparent professional. A sigh comes from so deep within. A dear friend of mine is watching her twin eighteen month year old grandchildren be medicated willingly by parents and doctor in order “they stop running around the house and go straight to sleep at the required time to give parents ‘their’ time”. Every night.

      yes it is a can of worms, there so many issues. Thats why I ended up deciding it would take a few posts. For me it is highly important to reach out a bit and ask folk have they thought about where all this is going and if thats okay with them.

  3. All I’m gonna say Leesa is that I have no intention of medicating my son, if you remember our conversation about it, no MATTER what. If there’s something that needs dealing with, we’ll deal with it, and trust in a normal developmental process instead. I have faith in my son, and he doesn’t deserve being drugged up to the eyeballs cause some douche thinks he “may” have ADHD. Enough’s enough I say, one of us is enough getting medicated in this household, I won’t put my baby through this too.

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