I’m Just Saying

  Last week I learnt that the American government asked our government to agree to have more American military folk and ‘stuff’ here in Australia. And we agreed.

According to those in the know this relates to America wanting to beef  up its arsenal in case discussions go badly with China. China of course have their own preparations going on.  Both countries are doing this because…

 Apparently it’s quite okay to threaten the other persons life…oh sorry…threaten the lives of their countries people, you know us…if they can’t agree over stuff.

 The other thing I learnt last week was that our Prime Minister moved to overturn the policy not to sell uranium to India  (because they refuse to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty). Now we’re going to sell it to them. We are doing this because…

 Apparently adding uranium to the India/Pakistan/Afghanistan area is a good idea.


I’m just saying!


3 thoughts on “I’m Just Saying

  1. This is great Documentary you might like to watch.
    The Weight Of Chains 2010
    How the US interferes in other countries a great documentary. Very informative. The US must stop doing this to countries. They are the ones starting most of the wars.
    This is a road map as to how they do it. Many of the OWS protesters want the wars to stop. Well they are quite right about who starts them.
    If the first link doesn’t work try the second one it has a number of links to choose from


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