To be a good nurse

 I was asked the other day by a student what I thought it took to be a really good nurse. He talked of various skill sets. I told him in my opinion it all had to do with the way the nurse percieved the human before them: 

You need to not care whether their personalities are grumpy, 








You need to not care about their beliefs,




To be a good nurse you need to see under all that to the deeper reality.

You need to care for the real human under all that…the true essence that exists in us all.

You need to see them the day they were born in all their perfection before life bent them in whatever direction.

The essential them that has loved,




felt overwhelming despair and hopefully,

overwhelming joy.

To be a good nurse you need to connect with the essence of the human before you then

lend them your shoulder to lean on,

share with them your healing skills, and

let them know they are not alone.


9 thoughts on “To be a good nurse

      • You very presence creates healing, Leesa, even if those who sense it can’t quite give a name to it.

        ! well, yeah…. 🙂


  1. I could not agree more with your assessment! The technical stuff can be learned, but to truly “be” with a person recognizing who they truly are is powerful. Being touched in spirit and soul helps SO much with the healing of the body!

      • I truly believe the condition of the soul has a lot to do with the condition of the body and definitely with the healing of the body. A person who feels loved, cared for and relaxed will heal faster and better than one who is under stress.

  2. Hear, hear. Forget all the political correctness. Nursing colleges place too much emphasis on culture, class, ethnicity, religion etc etc when what you say is actually all that is needed. A sick or injured human being is just that, a human being in need of another to help and support and if you have healing skills use them to his benefit

  3. Reblogged this on Leesis Ponders and commented:

    Sometimes I write exactly what I think and in another area I am again communicating what I thing it means to be a nurse. with the pressure on us to by cutbacks its getting harder and harder but the truth remains

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