Not all weeks are great!

I got sacked yesterday.

 No reason was given. Because I had not yet completed my probationary period they simply terminated the contract.

 “Under the terms of the contract we have the right to end your employment without giving a reason. Goodbye.”

 The financial implications scare me silly. My emotional self though is deeply relieved. Though they didn’t give a reason I know why and think they are right. They don’t want me there.

 I remain in my nursing able to create deep rapport with most residents/patients/clients…or what I call folks. Hence we have some laughs together no matter the suffering, and folk become comfortable sharing serious stuff and feel safe to have a meltdown now and then. Healing occurs. I love this but…

 Nursing is not what it used to be. It is run by the budget; its quality controlled by the dollar. Despite all the paperwork invented to prove everything is done well the facts are very different. This home does not have enough staff and nursing care is thus constantly compromised.

 I wasn’t quiet about this. You’d think at forty-nine I’d have learnt to shut my mouth and play the game. But the fact is I’m worse at that than ever before and it’s lost me the job.

 This week I also discovered I had been ripped off by the person I bought my car off (in order I could take this job) and now my car is off the road and going to cost me a couple of grand to get it back on the road. It so happened I bought it off a friend’s son. I contacted said friend because I needed the paperwork the son swore he had and since then only the answering machine responds to my calls.

 In one week I seem to have lost my car, my friend and my job. Crikey! There is a part of me that’s feeling decidedly despondent.

 Fortunately there is also a larger part of me that’s the eternal optimist and wonders what job I can find where I can do good work and have that supported. Plus I have Mr 16 watching. I’ve always told him that when things go wrong you have to learn from your mistakes soldier on and see what you can create. 

 So here I go…

7 thoughts on “Not all weeks are great!

  1. Oh, no! I am so sorry. It must be hard having to be a role model, or rather, deciding which part of your role to model — do you not let your feelings show, keeping a stiff upper lip as they say, or do you let your feelings show, to show it’s all right to show feelings. There are aways implications piled on implications.

    • It can be tricky Pat. But I think perhaps its a good tricky. I certainly show my emotional reaction. He saw some anger, some tears even some fear re the financial situation. But that response is…well time limited. I want my kid to know that whilst sticking to your ethics isnt real easy at times and whilst sometimes life does blow you raspberries and you do have emotional reactions its important not to become a victim (the its not fair mentality) or to get cranky (the how dare they mentality) but rather to find other avenues, to create different opportunities for yourself and ultimately to never ever give up. At least thats what I try to live and model.

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