The process of caring for somebody/something and providing what they need for their health or protection

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Oxford University Press 2000

Care is a verb and may I be blunt? Stop reading now if your answer is no!

There are too many folk who give vocal credence to the notion of caring who never meet the above definition outside their own family and indeed, in far too many instances, not even then.

There are the people who know a child in their sphere is being abused and mentally tell themselves they care…while doing nothing.

There are the people who witness racism, sexism, homophobia, domestic violence etc smack bang in the middle of their sphere, and say they care, and do nothing.

And there are oh so many of us who know there are people going hungary and homeless through no fault of their own (for those that think that matters), in all countries everywhere, and we say we care. But do we do anything?

I understand the millions of different reasons we take no action. All of them have validity. But, we care, or we don’t, and I think this is worth pondering…even acting on should we see discrepancies between the standards we want to reach and how we act in reality.

More care wouldn’t go astray in anyones life I’d imagine.

The process of caring for somebody/something and providing what they need for their health or protection

8 thoughts on “CARE

  1. What a great post! I care a lot for my friends and family, but you’re right, we don’t always go out of our way to show that we care. Sometimes it’s dangerous to show it, like in domestic violence cases, but there are small things we can do for one another. I love the notion that “care” is a verb! 🙂

    • ta for your comment…I’m glad you liked the post. Your right, there are times it may be dangerous to care but I reakon no more dangerous than getting in a car everyday :).

  2. Lees, I think this is an excellent point. Caring, real caring, involves acting in ways that most people find uncomfortable: Speaking truth to power, “outing” a sexually abusive relative or teachers, stepping in between a bully and the poor kid he (or she) is about to beat the pulp out of. I am an activist in every way and have never gotten hurt for telling the truth, for stepping into a dicey situation. Perhaps people think I’m a fool, but I’d rather that than simply “care” and stop at that. Peace, Amy (PS That’s probably why I have an FBI file for my anti-war activities and other such antics.)

  3. I like this topic even though it is hard to think about sometimes. To be completely honest, I think for the last five or ten years of my life I trained myself not to care. I was perfectly aware of what was going on around me, I just didn’t give a crap. I think I’m starting to care more which for me is a double sided blade because it hurts so much more when I think about the things that I am and have been neglecting all this time.

    • Oh I so agree that it hurts so much more to care than to shut down. Theres a lot going on and at times it feels overwhelming. But then in my experience, as much as it hurts the rewards are just as intense and that’s cool.

      Doesn’t matter what you’ve negleted before ya know. It ‘s now that counts :).

      • Yeah, I agree. Can’t blame myself for something ‘past Jabin’ did. I’m going through some personality changes now and I am going to try and be better. Thank you for continuing with your posts. I enjoy reading them.

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