Here we are

All of us

In life

Breathing in

Breathing out


In life.

What does it mean

Where were we before

Where does it end

How did it start

What is our role

Who are you

Can we be happy?

Here we are

All of us.

In Life.

Breathing in

Breathing out.


In life.

It isn’t safe.

Sometimes it hurts

At times we wonder what’s the use


Here we are all of us.

In life.

Breathing in, breathing out.


In life.

And as we are here…


7 thoughts on “HERE WE ARE ALLOF US

    • 🙂 thanks hun. This was written in response to my teenage son who in a moment of frustration at the ridiculousness of this world he lives in cried “but why mum…why do we even bother?” I responded “because here we are, breathing in and breathing out”. Of course I recieved one of those looks that only a teen can give 🙂 but then we spoke of being explorers rather than just dancing the dance shoved at us by those around us.

  1. Its a good point. It makes a lot more sense in my head than worrying about the consequences of living all of the time. Just do something. I think that should be a person’s motto everyday.

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