Dear people of America

I just want to ask if it’s okay with you that;

“The U.S. is building “the most advanced” warship in history” 

 “Now the U.S. has a great advantage at the high seas, but China by modernizing its fleet is getting an advantage in shallower, coastal waters. The new American stealth destroyers are designed to cope with this problem.”

 “The construction of one DDG-1000 costs about $3.1 billion”

And is it okay with you that;

Two of the medium-sized drones currently in use in Afghanistan and Pakistan are the MQ-1B Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper.

 The newer MQ-9 Reaper was conceived as a “hunter-killer” system.  

 The US Army revealed in December that it was also developing new helicopter-style drones  with 1.8 gigapixel colour cameras, which promised “an unprecedented capability to track and monitor activity on the ground”.

 So your government is spending literally billions so that men can sit in comfortably  in underground bunkers of Colorado and kill people in other countries and more billions because China might end up with a bigger arsenal than yours.

Is this really okay with you?

Just asking. Because it all makes me very very sad.

2 thoughts on “Dear people of America

  1. Reading this meant a lot to me, Leesa; I have some research to do, I can see that.

    No, I did not know these things. I did not know any of these things. I know that the most technologically advanced ship in the world is owned by a Saudi billionaire, and so this makes me shudder.

    I don’t know why it’s so hard for us to get information about what we’re doing. I don’t know if I’m not reading the right news… although our news is homogenized, so of no help.,, or what. I felt incredibly ignorant (socially) when discussions turned to American activity around the world. I read international news from the Latin American view, and Bush was in office. Honestly, the international community has better access to the information you shared than we do.

    When you write a post like this, Leesa, it’s a window. Thank you for letting me know.


    • Hey Meredith…yeah, last time I was in the States I was stunned by how little the media informed its folks about what’s going on…in its own country and abroad. To be honest it reminded me a lot of China. Of course this works really well for your politicians. Glad to provide a window!

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