those darn gays

The christians don’t want us

to be married

they don’t want us

to be together

they don’t want us…

to be.


they be speaking up

preaching from the pulpit

representing their god

and their Jesus.

Because Jesus said…

hold on I’m looking

feed the hungry…

no, not that,

tend the sick…


Turn the other cheek…

no, no not that,

don’t judge…

nah not that,

eye of a needle…

no no no not that…

Hang on…

poverty is everywhere,

wars abound,

the rich get richer

judgement seems the name of the game

and these same christians are silent until…

those darn gays want to get married!

Just saying!

6 thoughts on “those darn gays

    • yeah I so agree that morality needs to be redefined. For me morality is about kindness, acceptance, and compassion…not about judgement and rigid doctrine

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