Teaching Our Kids To Be Bullies

In the supermarket a mother chastises her child with;

“If you don’t stop that I’ll knock you down.”

 From the neighbour’s house came screaming voices as mum and dad disagreed.

In state parliament yesterday one politician arguing with another stated it was unfortunate that;

“I can’t take you outside and beat you to death.”

On a blog I was reading a Christian disagreeing with an agnostics’ opinion stated;

“You will go to hell, you will burn forever…god will put you there.”

On the internet yesterday I watched sport fans beating the crap out of the other teams’ fans and then beating non-whites despite them being fans of the same team.

And then…

I watched a politician talk of putting funding into telling our kids that bullying; cyber and face to face is wrong.

And I thought…

Then why do we keep showing them how to do it?

From our private homes to the sports fields; from our parliaments to the comments following internet articles; from the way one country deals with conflict with another we constantly see adults bullying each other.

That is how kids learn. They watch us.

If we don’t want our kids to bully others perhaps we should stop being bullies ourselves.

Just saying!

One thought on “Teaching Our Kids To Be Bullies

  1. excellent point. again. sometimes, i think we, as a people, are so desperate to belong, we let ourselves listen to the voice inside that says, “hey. everyone does it. it’s human nature, and everyone needs an outlet.”

    everyone needs an outlet, and we all have instant justification for our behavior… instead of remorse, or alarm… because despite the ugliness of untamed emotion, we don’t like the risk of being wrong and having to change our minds.

    after all, once we’re 21, we’re arrived and ready to rock, right? no more teachers, no more learning… we got through that crap, so onto the big tent to play with the big dogs. WHEW!

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