My Goddaughter Got Sick

Princess YaYa suddenly got sick on Saturday night

By Sunday we all learnt she had Type One diabetes.

It’s Thursday, she’s still in hospital

And at thirteen trying to comprehend what all this means.

As is her mum, her little brother, my son (their step brother…don’t ask) and me.

Of Boof-head, Princess YaYa and Skippy, Princess YaYa has been the worst when it comes to swallowing tablets, getting needles etc. Frankly she’s been a drama queen since a baby and still won’t swallow a tablet. Maybe she choked to death in a past life :)? Anyways…

She’s still not feeling well and is being jabbed and stabbed over and over and they are busy educating her about skin pricking and injecting and diet watching and emergency actions and…

I know it all has to happen and fast. I’m a nurse as well. They have to stabilise her blood sugar levels and she has to take all this on board, never be as carefree again, get past the ‘why me’ stage, the angry stage, the potential depression stage all whilst being a thirteen year old girl…a difficult time for most of us girls!

It is her journey…her mountain to climb and I think might be an amazing opportunity for growth that may not have occurred without this.

But oh how I love her. And part of that love is extremely protective. The protective love I have for my son and my two god-children has stunned me to be honest. I feel this overwhelming urge to protect them from all pain, all difficulties.

You need to know this goes completely against my absolute ‘knowing’ that protecting our children from experiencing pain disables them emotionally for adult hurts and robs them of deeper emotional growth and hence a more fulfilling life.

Nevertheless I have this physical reaction that wants to wave a magic wand and make all of this go away for my god-daughter.

However I learnt long a go as a parent that in some things you can only wrap your arms around them and be there for them and make sure you make them laugh every now and then. And she’s being amazingly brave.

I love you god-daughter. As always if you need me I am there.

And I am adding another name to the nickname I call you

Drum roll please<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I now dub thee

Princess YaYa Pincushion

Your Pookie xx 🙂 xx

4 thoughts on “My Goddaughter Got Sick

  1. Beautiful. May her highness see her godmother, in all her loving protectiveness, and know things will be will all right, overall. If she’s got you, I imagine she’s got a safe place to be a princess of the needle cushion.

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