The Power Of Love

I laid my hands on my dogs’ spine

And I prayed.

No, not to a god of religion

Not to a theology or a dogma

To the universe, to love, to the power, the energy that I know pulsates in all things.

I sometimes call it spirit

Sometimes ATI…All That Is

Sometimes divine mother because mothering is an image I like.

I don’t pretend to understand this force

But I know it’s real

I’ve met it before

And been grateful for its help.

My dog had an exploded disk

It went straight through his spinal cord

He couldn’t walk

The vet said he never would again.

That wasn’t good for my Sammy

He’s an active happy racy kind of dog

His misery was heart breaking.

So every day…as often as I could

I laid my hands where his injury was

And prayed, begged, asked

That somehow-a-rather that energy might flow

From the ether

Through me to him

And he would be healed.

I thought of Jesus

Not the Christian one

Just Jesus

Of how he said we could heal too

How he talked of a woman

Who touched his robe

And some of his power left him.

Most of all I thought of how much I loved my dog

And how I believe in the power of love.

He’s walking now

Running in fact

With a slight limp to show what’s been

The vet just shakes his head using words like impossible.

I don’t know if he’d end up walking anyway because he’s got such a spirit.

But I do know he’s running now

I do know it’s physically impossible

And I know that this spirit is there for us all.

And that even though sometimes the answer’s no

Sometimes its yes

And so I believe.

4 thoughts on “The Power Of Love

  1. Sometimes the “divine” [put whatever suits you best here] sends us a gift. I feel that some pets are that gift. Since my old cat died (I spent most of my teenage years with him) I didn’t want to have another cat and I missed him terribly. I’ve cried at times, and felt sad although he passed of old age. This year, on world animal’s day, aka St. Francis of Assize day, my son and I came upon a kitty owned by a shop in the neighbourhood. He started asking me for a kitty. I said we’ll see. That same day we found a young male cat, around 6 months old, as he was about to bolt into main street outside. We took him with us, and my son fell in love with him instantly. So, I decided to keep him. Coincidentally (or is it) he looks exactly like my old cat, and his demeanour is also strangely similar. He does the same things, at times, has the same peculiar habits. I’ve rescued and nurtured alot of kittens and cats from the streets, but this one here is special. So, yes I believe there is somewhere someone sending us, worthy, a gift. 🙂

  2. It is things like these that happen in all wars which many people do not want to be told of for fear that others might come to think wars are evil and should never be undertaken at the whim of politicians, but only for the gravest of reasons.

    Before the US went to war in Iraq, I asked a friend of mine who supported going to war, “What are you going to say when the civilians are dying and the rapes start?” To which he replied, “Yes, those things happen, but no one wants them to happen. At least, not on our side.” And to this day, he has not explained to me how you can have a war without civilians dying and women getting raped. To him, those things simply don’t matter because “no one wants them to happen.” – power of love and making memories.

    Some wars are arguably necessary. But before we go to war, we should not blind ourselves to the costs of war.

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