a conversation…with god

So, why do you hate the world so much?

I thought it to be a wonderful gift.

Oh god the world…as in the earth

Is divine, beautiful, scary and spectacular.


You made it so that I must eat life to live

And I must live with this group called humanity.

Humanity? Your brothers and sisters in kind?

Without them you are desolate. What troubles you so?

God where have you been? Haven’t you been looking?

Greed, war, selfishness. cruelty; oh so many kinds of wrong!

Oh and you have reached perfection?

Admittedly you have some good points but experience made it so.

Oh for gods sake…oops sorry…but blimey

Others have had the same experience but they choose to be downright nasty

So help them


You heard me…help them!

But god…

Oh I’m sorry…do you not believe?

Bloody hell!

Tut tut tut such language

Oh come on…you really care if we swear or not?

No not at all, but you expected me to react didn’t you

God you’ve got no idea

Actually Leesa I do…I have been watching you know

for longer than you can even imagine.

But there’s such cruelty god…such fear, such greed, such anger

It does my head in

I know sweetie…have you heard of Jesus?

Yeah but whatever he suffered he always knew.

Knew what?

Well, knew you…like for sure!

And don’t you?

Oh god I have much more than the faith of the mustard seed that you demanded…

but…well I confess…I have a good dose of doubt too.

Then who are you talking to?

5 thoughts on “a conversation…with god

  1. God tells us we are all gods ourselves in reality. God tells us our natures are not evil and sinful, but loving. And God is not an absolute moralist, but merely utilitarian.

    Unfortunately, Walsch never tells us why we should believe he is speaking for God. He apparently expects his audience to accept these revelations at face value. And this seems to be fine with his readers.

    And yet, maybe they are bullied by the most clever of post-modern tricks, one which Walsch has mastered – In his reality, he is telling his truth, and it would be intolerant of me to say I think he is lying. Now the critic becomes the bad guy, not the huckster himself for funeral planning.

    However, despite the negatives I’ve presented, I still recommend the book. Why? Because even if it can be shown that Walsh’s conclusions are faulty or unsupported, the pain he’s experienced in life is real, and he brings up some legitimate beefs. Even the Bible agrees with him at points… Yes, living and making decisions from a position of fear not love is a bad thing. The apostle John told us that “perfect love casts out all fear.” And yes, we should be wary of people who use authority and truth for manipulation.

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