You want to be happy?

The fact is I have not time to write these days. It’s all I can do to grab some time to read but if I have learnt one thing about myself  in the last seven months it is that if I MUST choose between reading or writing due to being time-poor, writing must go. My thirst for knowledge is greater than my need to think I know something :).

I read this quote a long time ago and both then and again reading it today I thought…that’s it.

Living like this will bring you…those around you, your community and our whole community only good and thus you will be happy.

Doesn’t mean you won’t have sad times.

They are a reality of life unfortunately but even these times will be easier.

I turned fifty just recently.

I have studied and worked all my adult life to understand the human emotional experience and what can stuff it up and what to do about it.

This simple sentence is the bottom line for it all.

“We can do no great things – only small things with great love.”

– Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

2 thoughts on “You want to be happy?

  1. Leesa, I agree with the reading/writing conundrum. Having barely graduated high school, I never got that college experience… yet I feel as though I’m a lifelong learner, like you, always thirsty. Wish I could call up quotes as well as you do, but this one of Mother Teresa says it all. Those little things, small kindnesses, a single phone call to someone who’s having a hard time… those are the actions that move mountains on this earth. Blessings, Amy

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