If You Pray Please…

Dearest Reader

If you pray, to whatever god, goddess, universal energy, angels, God, Allah, Krishna whoever.

Please pray for my god-daughter Casey. 601144_10150965574399368_1195647884_n

She’s fourteen.

Became an insulin dependent diabetic last year (see https://leesis.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/my-goddaughter-got-sick/).

Has been let down massively all her life by her dad…and had other crappy stuff happen to her.

And now she’s in a hospital bed, with a tube to feed her and refusing to eat.

She’s a strong soul my gorgeous Princess YaYa

and I am terrified that in order to find some control over her life

She will starve herself to death.

And dear reader I so very love my god-daughter but it doesn’t seem enough right now.

So if you would…

Please chuck in a prayer for my girl.

4 thoughts on “If You Pray Please…

  1. I know the disorder well… and I I reach for both Princess YaYa and you, Leesa. And remember: I’m 54, now.

  2. Leesa, I will light a candle for YaYa and for you. I am a recovering bulimic and know the struggle well. This is so sad… I hope she finds something, anything… maybe a book, a poem, something that will spark her into realizing that life is worth living. Even with insulin. Even with whatever happened to make her blame herself for something that was not in her control (and again, I know that well).

    God bless, Leesa, and know I’m praying for you. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog so that I would encounter this, because Yaya is going on our prayer list at church tomorrow as well. Love, Amy

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