People in Emotional Pain

 people in emotional painTo heal pain you must step up to it, you must examine it, you must find its deepest truth.

This will hurt…a lot!

We must step into our own internal fire of Armageddon where all things are revealed. About them, about us. And then we must express it, re-interpret it, understand it, accept it, and then own it;
whether it was caused by others or ourselves and it is usually others till we are adults and then ourselves.
We must do this to heal our pain. 
And it hurts.

So, if it hurts so much why do I say we ‘must’ do it? After all it is human nature to avoid pain.

Well, firstly we must do it because by avoiding the reality of emotional pain we prolong the agony of the experience and that prolonged agony negatively impacts upon every relationship, every conversation, every moment of every day of every week of every month of every year until we stop the avoidance.

And secondly when we stop avoiding the pain and instead, act to heal, our journeys eventuate in :

Elevating our understanding,

Improving our personality

Improving our relationships

Improving our appreciation and gratitude,

Increasing the love in our life

Improving our sex life

Increasing our curiosity and thus understanding

Increasing our empathy and compassion

Making us MUCH better parents

and allowing us to regularly

Smile Deeply,

Laugh Out loud,

and be glad that we are alive!


7 thoughts on “People in Emotional Pain

  1. Leesa, I can’t tell you how much this post means to me. I try to communicate with my fellow mental-disorders friends that you need to jump off the cliff and tell it all, spill it. If I hadn’t delved into the sexual abuse at the hands of my father, I’d still be carrying around the shame, the pain, that tar that builds up inside you when you need to get it out.

    It wasn’t until I discovered the horror and worked through it that I was really ready to love fully. I don’t just mean romantically… the world. My enemies. Everyone. Bless you! Amy

    • Thank-you Amy. loving fully is a nice way to put it. I too talk of jumping off the cliff :). Is there anyway you can share this post. You have so many more readers than I. I don’t want this for me as a blog person but I do so want folks to get this message. My next post that I will be writing this weekend (its Friday night here) continues the theme. People suffer years, decades, life times in pain and the pain ripples to so many others. I so want to contribute to a lessening of this pain. With love as always and happy if you don’t want to pass this on 🙂

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