Hey YOU…Yes YOU…

I need help to discover if this information is true.

Because if it is we can not allow it.

We are a global body and if it is true



I have looked at the website responsible for the article but could find no information regarding the people providing this information.

So I thought, do a blog Leesa. Someone might know more? Maybe someone will read this who lives in Greece and will let us know?

If you can confirm or deny this with reasonable backup please leave a message.

Would appreciate it very much



Tell EU Member States: Save Greek “undesirables” from internment camps!


First migrants and recent immigrants were rounded up from Greece’s streets and forced into internment camps.Then they threw the drug users in. Next came the sex workers, forcibly HIV tested, publicly humiliated, and imprisoned.

Now they’re coming for transgender men and women — and the list of “undesirables” just keeps longer.

Operation Zeus is a cleansing campaign targeting and imprisoning the most vulnerable members of Greek society, accompanied by spikes in racism, gender hate and homophobia.

There are now at least 5,000 people languishing in these hellholes simply for existing — and this month, while warning trans* men and women to “return to normal” or else, the Greek government announced that camp capacity is about to double.

We call on the EU member states to put the pressure on Greece now to stop this abhorrent cleansing campaign now. We can still save the people persecuted under Operation Zeus — but we can’t afford to stay silent for long!

PETITION TO EU MEMBER STATES: We cannot afford to sit by while another European country rounds up “undesirables” and imprisons people in camps simply for existing. Let the Greek government know it must release these people now.

7 thoughts on “Hey YOU…Yes YOU…

  1. There are camps for illegal immigrants yes. They are coming into the country in droves from everywhere. But drug users are getting paid quite well here, and no there aren’t any sex workers in internement camps. They are grounded in hospitals for treatment. The internment camps are real and they are a shame. But all the rest is fiction. Nobody’s going against transgender people. Unless you heard that from the Golden Dawn, who are Nazis. Yes, the Nazis want all these people in internment camps, just as Hitler did. Along with the elderly and the cripple. But Hitler doesn’t rule our country. We still have a presumed democracy, although I personally doubt its validity. In any case, even without the exaggerations, the interment camps shouldn’t be there. However, before you’re all too quick to blame the Greek government, please take a good look at the Dublin II treatise which states that illegal immigrants are forced to remain in the country they arrive to the EU from, and are not allowed to proceed to another country from there until they are processed. The European Union has turned out country into its illegal immigrant dumbster, and they big countries who are very well protected on the insides of mainland Europe are more than happy to leave illegal immigrants where they land, instead of giving them permits to proceed to their original intended destinations. None of those immigrants want to stay in Greece. They wish to move on to northern countries. But thanks to Dublin II, they can’t go anywhere, they can’t go back, and we have to find some way to accomodate them. Given the fact that there isn’t really much money to go around, and our country’s unemployment is at 50% of the populace at the moment, the money that comes in from the EU is allocated to more pressing national matters, like kids dying of cold and starvation at schools, for example, or cancer patients dying in the hospitals without medication. So, yes, it’s despicable, but, frankly, until something is done to replace the Dublin II, we are stuck with them, and they are stuck in internment camps, cause there’s nowhere else. They initially put most of them in the Olympic Village, where the athletes and delegations lived during the 2004 Olympics, but there are thousands and they are coming into the country by the hundreds every day, especially since the war in Syria broke out. I hope these are facts enough for you, from someone who actually lives it.

    • My friend thank-you so much for that. I was so hoping you’d answer. big hugs 🙂

      The plight of people who are refugees from war and corruption is horrendous everywhere I think.

      No, I’m not looking to blame individual governments though I hold my own (both sides) in disgust. Australians governments are stuffing things up with refugees here to many Australians great shame and sadness. In Australia we can afford to offer asylum to those running from horrific situations. And we are all aware that things are really financially tough for the Greek people and feel deep empathy. The answer as to what to do with more folk when unemployment is 50% and so many Greeks are suffering is something that does my head in. I’d say let’s get them to Australia but hey, our government would just send them to a country whose human rights situation is dreadful and who certainly aren’t in the same financial position as Australia.

      Margie can you tell me what ;
      “and no there aren’t any sex workers in internment camps. They are grounded in hospitals for treatment” means? What do you mean by “grounded” and is it their choice to have “treatment” and what does “treatment” mean?

      Thank goodness (and I really do mean goodness) that the statements about transgender folk aren’t true. Mate from this little Aussie bears perspective this ‘golden dawn’ people sound major scary. For a group of people (how big are they?) to think in 2013 that harming another bunch of people because they are different is somehow okay or will somehow ‘fix’ things makes me want to put them in a history class 24/7 until they see the fallacy of that.

      So mate no, it’s not about judging. But in 1992 I was a lecturer in psychology and was speaking about human tendencies’ to a bunch of young twenty-something’s with beautiful hearts and the very typical Australian innocence. I suggested that if the right circumstances arose human beings…even Aussies could be Nazi’s, could be those that stayed silent…that the whole thing could happen again to another group, with a different label. “NO NO” they all crowed, no way… people wouldn’t allow that again.”
      So I told them I hoped not but just in case things get really tough for folks in the future, and given these days we are globally connected, lets care enough to keep an eye out for each other so we don’t ever to that shit again.
      And I like to walk my talk. Not to judge but to advocate, to bring attention to the root causes. To lend assistance. Because suffering sucks…for all of us…whatever the labels. So when I read this I had to find out.
      With love my friend

      • I’ll reply separately to each point…

        Btw, they don’t let Greeks come to Aussie anymore, you have to have a 1st-degree blood relative there, not even aunts or uncles. They are sending Greek people back at the airports. Just so you know, cause there are many people here with families abroad and many intended to go to them. The ones with families in Australia can’t, regardless of the huge Greek communities down under. Sad really. Anyway, to the points.

        Regarding the prostitutes: the petition would have you believe that all prostitutes have been put to death camps. That’s actually impossible, giving the large numbers of prostitution in this country, especially since the Albanian Mob took refuge here, a couple of decades ago. What actually happened, was an incident last year when the Ministry of Health uncovered with the help of police forces a number (12 or 15 I don’t remember correctly, could be up to 20) of HIV positive illegal, aka unregistered with the Health Ministry, prostitutes. They forcibly removed them from the streets and admitted them to hospitals for treatment under surveillance, because they were deemed a risk to the populace. I’m not sure if they have been sent to rehabilitation centers or not. Unsure about that point, but there is a larger underlying theme here, because in the middle of the crisis, when basic wages are at 540 euro for everyone, HIV positive drug users are given a state benefit of 700 euro monthly. People have started to inject themselves with HIV on purpose in order to receive the benefit. The state really doesn’t care about the normal populace. They’d go to extreme lengths and out of their way to appear good and nice and humanitarian, doing absolutely everything they can about junkies and criminals, while people like you and me, single parents, people with disabilities, the elderly, are practically left to die in a ditch. And I mean that LITERALLY. So, no sympathy from me towards a bunch of junkie whores whatever the fuck has happened to them, but I’m just relating the facts to you anyway, separate from my personal point of view.

        Regarding the nazi party: Nazis are Nazis. Simple as that. We all know what they believe, and what they are. Organized thugs, bullies and murderers. Unfortunatelly, in this here country what is as full of holes as a sieve, the Golden Dawn was allowed to enter the electorate as a political party, and, because of the crisis, they won a seat in the parliament. Now there is a concentrated effort to declare them illegal and put them to jail as a criminal organization, but, way I see it, too little too late. There is an organized attempt to plunge this country into civil war, and the two opposite extemist factions are being prodded towards it slowly, but steadily and inexorably. The extreme right wing, aka the Golden Dawn nazis, and the extreme left wing, aka the Communist anti-fascist “Revolution”. Both are just the same thugs and murderers and terrorists, make no mistake. And they have proved it. They are killing each other on the streets, dividing the populace, forcing us to take sides, and it’ll only get worse. There are but a few reasonalbe and intuitive intellectual voices with foresight enough to realize that this is a political game to drive us to the horror of our past… Greece cannot afford another civil war, but it seems that memories run very short here… whatever plea from such middle ground people there is to remain objective and focused on the good of the country is falling on deaf ears, the people are like my six-year-old, they need a release, and that means someone to hit, and they are hitting everywhere… each other, immigrants, minorities… insidiously, secretly, a great philanthropist nation has been twisted into racist bloodthirsty savages … *sigh* anyway.

        I am very sad, very pained, but also very philsophical about all this. This is my third year unemployed -conventional employment-, and I have decided to stop looking for conventional work. I will put some crafts and arts knowledge to use and maybe even open an etsy shop to sell some handmade things, candles, jewlrey, decorative items, and so forth. I am in dire straits, but I am not losing scope of what the real danger is. It’s out there, the government that has spread its legs wide open for every foreign cock to pleasure themselves in, has made the country a garbage bin and a whore, and now is allowing the seed of civil war. I pray to the Gods the people really soon start realizing this is DANGEROUS and not only inconvenient cause they didn’t get what their favourite politician offered them when they sold their votes. Education is down the drain, health is down the drain, the economy is down the drain, and extremists are free to roam the streets killing in the name of misplaced ideals. I am aware that the rise of Ethno-socialism is a social phenomenon for period when nations are under severe financial and political crisis, but the presumption always is that this will not be left unchecked and prolongued. It did happen in Italy, in France [to a lesser extent] and even in Germany itself, but the governments there weren’t as incompetent or corrupt to not give a fuck, and they found ways to control and contain it. The Greek government need replacing. I don’t care who, someone needs to come conquer us, cause we are USELESS. At least a conqueror would care for the country and its people on the grounds that if you don’t care for the cows you won’t get milk. I’m prepared to accept even that, at this point, degrading as it is. Cause this here is more degrading… and in the middle of all this, they are making plans to build rockets in Kalamata that would ferry tourists to the moon… I long for a British Empire. Seriously. There are worse things than being a colony, after all.

        Anyway, I’m sorry I’m babling so extensively, but it’s how the saying goes “Greece eats her children”. Like Kronos. Be blessed, be well, and believe me, I will tell you the objective facts about what happens here whenever I can.

        All my love, Margie

  2. hey Margie. Well thanks for that. It’s great to get the perspective of someone living in it so to speak. Seems like Greece is in a right royal mess. Yes we have an enormous Greek community and its contribution just to my life has been enormous. I had no idea there were restrictions now on folk coming here.

    I’m not sure what to say about the rest. Sex workers forced into treatment, people giving themselves HIV…WTF??? Peaceful Community action required by you all I’d say?!

    • My dear friend, I understand that you don’t really understand. You’ve never been through such conditions on a large social scale. Please also understand that you don’t understand, too. Cause it’s important. You speak as an outsider, from a position of relative safety and security. People here don’t have that. When people starve there is nothing peaceful about it. But you don’t understand, and that’s OK. Just please try to …. not think like a Greek, at least not try to believe that what you would do is what should be done. Cause it isn’t. This will only end in blood. Alot of blood. No other way around it. You talk about peaceful community action during the prelude to a war. I hope you understand how invalid and utopic your statement is. You focus on HIV positive sexual workers who get treatment, I focus on our children unable to feed themselves. We see this from VERY different perspectives. I don’t blame you, I just ask you to understand. That’s all. Be well.

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