Greece: “This will only end in blood.”

“This will only end in blood. Alot of blood. No other way around it.

You talk about peaceful community action during the prelude to a war.

I hope you understand how invalid and utopic your statement is.”


I stared at this sentence for a long time. When I questioned some of the responses, without judgement I thought, I was told I didn’t…indeed couldn’t understand. And the commenter was right to some degree. I don’t live in Greece, my child is not starving, I’m not unemployed and I have only a vague idea what it is like in Greece right now.

Having said that though…

If I were there, if I was one of those struggling would I lose my ethics? Would all I hold to be ‘good’ disappear and would I too see the only solution being the outpouring of individuals blood who held different opinions, different nationalities, different lifestyles to me?

Are beliefs/ethics such as non-violence, non-violent activism, empathy and active compassion to those worse off than us only things we believe in when we have enough food in our belly and a roof over our heads? Ultimately is my belief in treating others the way I want to be treated pie in the sky notions that exist only because I live in Australia and am comfortable?

Or do we justify the abandonment of our ethics and beliefs by blaming external conditions and claim others ‘don’t understand’ when they challenge this abandonment?

Is non-violent action by the people invalid and a utopian dream?

Do all Greeks see themselves and their country as in a “prelude to war”?

Would love your opinion…your thoughts on this.

4 thoughts on “Greece: “This will only end in blood.”

  1. Aaans you didn’t get it. This has nothing to do with what I believe and me. You are accusing me of losing my ethic. If that’s what you see and the only thing you can conclude to, so be it. I thought I made clear what the premises of this war are. And yes, war is much more insidious than what YOU think, dear Lessa on the outside. Nobody is “losing their ethic”. The people aren’t the ones in control. You are more than welcome to come here, starve and protest on the streets or wherever else you see fit for that matter, and see what that gets you. For someone who wants to be completely non-judgemental, you’re too quick to pass judgement on others. And things you-don’t-understand. I tried explaining some things to you as objectively as I could. Your only conclusion was that I’m some sort of immoral savage who can’t talk peacefully. So be it. In that case, I’d prefer that you stopped following this savage’s blog, as I will stop following yours, I don’t want my immoral and unethical ways to offend you. Take care. Or not.

  2. oh sweetie why did you see my questions as seeing you as immoral? This post was not about you!

    I am sure that many folk in Greece feel the same as you. My post is about questioning…about asking ourselves questions…both those of us in tribulation like the Greeks and those of us sitting outside looking in like me.

    In no way was I judging your take on it all and I certainly am not accusing you of losing your personal ethic Margie. I have no idea how I would feel should I be Greek and I’m not pretending I do. But we live in a global community and I am questioning where we are at in 2013 that we still see war as an option.

    I hold no conclusions Margie. I do however have many questions and I think it fair that these questions be expressed, be thought about for the benefit of all. Your right in that this is not about ‘beliefs” but I think all folk need to consider these issues and thus I share.

    We, as a global community need to consider who we want to be, what we want to stand for, and whether we can honestly implement this in ‘real life’. these are my questions…not judgemental just a pondering. That’s why I called my post Leesisponders. I don’t judge…I just wonder…

  3. and Margie I will add one more thought. From my perspective war would cause more children to starve…more folk to suffer. So surely anything that can be done to prevent it…any effort that the community can make to prevent such a horrid outcome is surely worth the effort…

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