Enough with the Hating Christians

So now it’s illegal to be gay in Uganda.

It’s illegal to say anything good about gays or being gay even if your straight because you are “promoting homosexuality” and that’s now illegal in Uganda.

Today the politicians said ‘we are not in any way stopping homosexuals from accessing Health Care. We encourage all homosexuals to seek Health Care if they are sick’.

(And then we will lock you up.)

“Why?” asked the reporter, “What community demand are the politicians responding to?”

“Well” replied the reliable and credentialed Ugandan, “Both Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism have significantly increased in Uganda. They support this law.”

Enough, Enough, Enough I say with the hating Christians!

(For Christians who recognise that Jesus was a man of love and told us not to judge I am not speaking to you.)

But to those who use Jesus as justification for their ignorance and hate for any minority group…you make me cry.

Still. More. Again. For fifty-one years.

Because your actions hurt people,

break people,

send people into despair,

make people suffer unrelieved disease,

make people commit suicide,

kill people.

for being gay

for being gay

Yes you kill people. PEOPLE! Do you hear me?

‘THEY’ are people WE are people for goodness sake. Yes indeed. For Goodness Sake!

How can you not see how wrong this is? Every single gay person is Jesus walking past you and not only do you deny him or her food and drink despite your abundance; you lock them up and care not their end. Indeed many of you wish it unpleasant. I have heard you.

My heart hurts for every single gay person in Uganda right now. And my heart hurts when I accept that this still can be;

that religions are still allowed to teach and promote such horrible things.



4 thoughts on “Enough with the Hating Christians

  1. i really had to sit with this. thank you for writing these posts, leesa; they’re hard to read, hard to contemplate. the hardest thing, though, is that we seem to care less and less each day… is everyone “over” earth?

    the hate is just overwhelming sometimes, isn’t it?

    love to you. lots and lots.

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