Healing the Damaged Psyche

Leesis Ponders

confusedFour years ago, I wrote this article in response to a reader’s question. In that time, as I have since 1985, I read, I listened, I thought and I worked at assisting all sorts of folks with a multitude of abilities and disabilities and traumatic pasts. My understanding has grown. I stand by my initial statement:  “An emotional experience that warps the psyche can absolutely screw up a person’s whole future without the right assistance. And the right assistance is becoming rarer and rarer.” However, my understanding of what the right assistance is has expanded. It is true that you need a good therapist. But I would add now that you need something first before you even go to the therapist.. You need to be willing. willingnessWilling to be Honest with every good and every bad that makes you you. To face square on the Mother Teresa and the Hitler…

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