DO You Want This World Or NOT?

To a man who beheads another man I say NO

To a Supreme Commander who orders drones to bomb communities I say NO

To the parent who uses their Physical Superiority to insist their Children obey I say NO

To the man/woman who thinks blowing themselves up with others will ever make Their Truth Real I say NO

To the man/woman



next door neighbour,

political opponent,

religious opponent,

who think any form of  Intimidation is justifiable to make the other person Agree with You, I say NO.

Who am I to say NO?dirty harry

Well I have studied the Human Being for 49 years and I know what will make you (and me) Happy.

The question is not Dirty Harry’s “you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

It is simply do you want to Grow?

Do you want moments of Pure Joy, Bliss and Contentment?

Do you want to have that handful of Friends, Family and Colleagues who truly Get You, Support You, thus truly Love You?

As an Individual

As a Community,

As a Country

As a Global Community

As the Human Species?

Israel, America, Egypt, Syria, Africa…etcetcetc;

Mum, dad, husband, wife ex-partner, boss…etcetcetc 

Do ya want this?

Well, do ya, punk?

p.s. I love ya…and I reckon the answer is yes. You want happiness and joy and love. If so we have to (as hard as it is; believe me I struggle most days) reject violence and intimidation as a mean of persuasion from our home to our community (ie non-blood relationships) and to other races. And yes, including in our religious motivations.

We Can You Know

love leesa


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