Dearest god-daughter

Dearest god-daughter168166_10150091058479368_751419367_5974559_7978387_n

In the middle of the night, instead of being home snuggled up in bed

You were roaming the streets of the city.

Free of rules, free of stupid adults, free to do what you want.


I know you feel old enough to make your own decisions

We all did at sixteen.

You think the adults around you are full of shit despite their love and support of you

You decide daily to do “what the fuck I want”.

But sweetie, how’s that working for you?


Last night you were punched and had your things stolen

Thank the gods that was all that happened.

A few weeks ago you were being manhandled, jabbed with meds and locked up in seclusion

Could I suggest that doing ‘what the fuck you want’ is not working too well?


Listen would you my dearest YaYa

You are not old enough.

You will be…But not yet.

Your brain has years left to form, your experience is minimal hence wisdom zero;

These are facts not judgements.


We don’t set boundaries to hurt you frustrate you or drive you nuts

We set boundaries to protect you, to keep you safe

Because we love you and want you to grow into a strong, good, healthy woman.


Please hear me YaYa

The risks you take are far too big

And bigger is the fear we hold for you.

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