If You Want a Dog Listen Up

If you want a dog listen up

  1. You will pick up their shit for the next fourteen years or so. They will not. You will. You so are not the boss!
  2. Unless you train your puppy/dog properly and gently they will be a pain in the arse for you and those around you. Not the dogs fault.
  3. You will be committed to providing for their food, water and ongoing physical health for the next fourteen or so years
  4. They will drive you mad at times; the holes they dig, plants they trample, barking when you don’t want them too, chewing your slipper, eating the hose, running too far away at the beach, inviting fleas into their coats, making you stand in dog dodo’s, and don’t start me on bath-time!
  5. And, if it’s a rescue dog, those additional tricky traits developed as a result of previous trauma.


Dogs cost money, time, patience, commitment and deduct from you freedom of movement for a decade and a half.

So if you want a dog (or any other pet), decide if you can take on the above commitments with good cheer. That way your pet is less likely to end up in a shelter. And that’s a good thing.

With respect and kind regards


p.s   the rewards of having a dog far outweigh the ‘chores’. As someone who loves dogs and always gets rescues, I would like less choice. This is my contribution to that desire.

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