Laying the Blame Correctly

30th October 2015, Australia’s Radio National news report 1100 hours (my summary)

A man attacks a Muslim woman and tries to pull off her hijab. Sixteen year old boy rushes to her defense (yah teen).

Later, the 16-year-old reports it to police (double yah Mr 16!). Nobody else did. Not the woman, not the Aussies who would have observed this attack on a woman in broad daylight in a busy place.

My first thought;

Oh that poor woman. I hope she has lots of supportive folk around her. How dare he…no matter the motivation!

My second thought;

Shit! Now more Muslim folks in Australia will feel frightened.muslim woman

My third thought;

Shit! Everybody will blame the wrong person, i.e, this ignorant man.

Yes, what he did was unequivocally 100% wrong, legally and morally. Moreover he is clearly an ignorant dick because it was most likely racially motivated. However, lets lay the responsibility where it really belongs and that is at the feet of the folks who purposefully manipulated this man to feel frightened in the first place.

Those men who perpetrated 9/11;

George Bush who labelled “them” “evil”;

John Howard who cried “babies overboard”;

Bush Howard Blair et al. for their lies to go to war with Iraq;

and at politicians, police and media labeling every douche-bag as a potential ‘muslin terrorist’ rather that simply a terrorist.

And of course Mr Abbott, who chanted National Security as the most important of all and changed laws with abandon whilst assuring us constantly that we had every reason to be SCARED.

Ignorant people, and by that I mean people who have not had the opportunity of higher education and exposure to a wide variety of views and critical thinking, get their information from what the political leaders say and what the newspapers/television say. They believe it and they have responded the way  government and media-employed psychologists have predicted. They are scared. And some of these people will act out that fear in an aggressive manner.

Clearly this guys actions today where morally reprehensible and the law will be applied. But are not these aforementioned politicians also morally reprehensible and more so because of the weight of their positions and thus influence? Surely this is so!

So whilst ensuring this man learns that such behavior is not tolerated in Australia let us also acknowledge why he may have behaved this way. We need to hold our leaders and media accountable too…and demand change whilst assisting our fellow Aussies to a broader view than Bushes axis of evil.


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