Tomorrow I’m 53

Tomorrow I’m 53. Lately my blogging has been all about my confusion. However, January has been a pretty awesome month for me. Observe:

I discovered I got my big boobs from my maternal Grandmother!


No, my maternal grandmother is not Dolly Parton.

I don’t know what she looked like yet.

And lordy lordy I’m nothing like Dolly. The boobs ain’t so high :).

For those who always knew where their bits and pieces came from I can only say it is something I always felt lacking and the boobs represent this beautifully. It brings a smile every time I think of it.


I discovered my natural mum.

The simple fact of seeing pictures of the woman who gave birth to me is…a dream I have held since I knew I was adopted.dreams


For a while I, well, started living in the past and future and thus

Got myself all confused.Lucy






But now

Well it was a bloody good month I reckon.lisa simpson







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