Enough of child/juvenile abuse!

scared child

If you get my blogs they may annoy you for the next while for I will rant.

The reality of juvenile centers still (oh my god still!) being abusive here in Australia (I cannot speak for other countries) and…

 The reality of (oh my god still!) ‘normal society’s reaction to these kids for the last 44 years that I know of…

Not to mention the complete inability of society to wipe out child abuse due to its foolish interventions has me in a very bad mood.

I was one of those kids. And a lucky one. For I found a way out. Most don’t and that is not just because of their initial family. It is also thanks to ‘general society’ and the majority that worked within the institutions.  They simply add to the abuse experienced at a younger age.
That it is still occurring makes me so very angry.
And it is that type of anger that I know is there to give me new energy to try to change this reality somehow.
My journey ‘in the system’ started in 1972.

This is NOT 1972! It is 2016 and we know better!

And I will rave. And more!
If you care about this issue please get on board and offer any suggestions/comments you have.
My next post will be evidence as to why I stated:
“the inability of society to wipe out child abuse due to its foolish interventions”
Now to go and do something calming.
Eagle nebula








but I will be back…


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